PicMonkey Collage

MY GREEN LOVE this morning. I'm obsessed and wake up every morning excited to make + drink it. I like to keep it super alkaline and therefore usually use less fruit, and MORE chlorophyll. Today's superpower greens will make you feel a l i v e. I don't like to be addicted to anything, BUUUUT if green juice is my one and only addiction, than I'm extremely thankful for that.

Today's Goods //

- cucumber - celery - romaine - zucchini - kale - parsley - broccoli - one green unripe pear (less sugar) - lemon - ginger

Every morning when we wake up we have a choice to grow, glow and make healthy choices to nourish our body, mind and soul. What are you doing today to live the life you WANT? ( because you CAN have it! ). It's a choice.

love & light

- xo Lisa