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Surround yourself with goodness.

People that uplift you, are positive, that would NEVER say anything bad behind your back (sadly I think this happens far too much...). We need to love one another, and celebrate each others successes and be there when failure occurs. If we don't surround ourselves with love and positivity, we will soak up the negative energy and all that comes with us in our lives, and it will manifest in our own lives.

I once read in a book (from the creator of the Chicken Soup of the Soul EMPIRE) to take EVERYONE you know and make a list of them - go through and put a 'positive' sign near their name or a 'negative' sign (depending on they treat you, etc...). He did this in his own life, and asked himself - 'Why would I keep the negatives in my life'? He had to make some tough decisions, let friendships fizzle organically and just not open himself to these people anymore, and after he made this conscious choice his life changed DRAMATICALLY. Success and positive energy flowed like he had never seen it flow before...

I am definitely not saying go and eradicate people from your life instantly! But be conscious and wise of the choices you make on who your spending time with, and how they make you feel. As humans we should love one another no matter what, we are all equal, yet we have to realize that not everyone is going to uplift us and bring us the positive energy that we require to flourish and thrive as our best selves.

With that being said - I hope everyone has an amazing weekend surrounded by family + friends + loved ones that radiate life and energy into your life.