iletaitunefois-muse-summer-2012-07 This year, do something different: start living your life and make a choice to change and be happy.

I believe it all starts with your daily habits, as these are what we control. We can all create goals/ resolutions / intentions, but carrying them out, day in day out, that is where the work comes in, and yes it takes work.

If you think about it most good things happen without a plan: friendships, falling in love, finding a job...these things tend to happen organically and by carrying our your daily life in ways you see fit. Therefore if you want to make your new year count, you have to start being intentional about your daily practices and habits - make space in your life for what really matters. Make disciplines of things you ACTUALLY like doing - don't focus on the end results, but the process. We all want a better body, healthier eating habits, better career, but will we do the daily tasks and the work to get there? Yes we all want the end result, but the habits and small things it takes to get there, these are what truly matter.

3 small tidbits that have helped me along the way:

1) GET UP EARLY - this could be 30 minutes earlier than normal, an hour, before the sun rises...whatever suits you. But create more hours in the day by getting to bed a bit earlier and rising when the rest of the world / family sleeps. As when the rest of the world wakes, distractions kick in. Your body will adjust. Brew some organic coffee or green tea and set your intentions for the day, write, work-out, sew, blog, read, make healthy meals and snacks you can take to work. Whatever this means to you - we all have the same 24 hours in the day. It is a choice on how we choose to spend them.

2)TALK TO STRANGERS - Relationships are what make the world go around. We all have stories of meeting someone on an airplane, inline at the check-out, at a coffee shop, honestly you never know who you will meet. Be open to those opportunities, because sometimes those can be your golden ticket - to a new job, a new friendship, or even a new relationship. Even when it is uncomfortable, introduce yourself to new people. The worst they can say is no, but most won't.

3)PRACTICE GENEROSITY - This is my biggest love and the thing I think is most important in life. GIVE. Give your time, energy, money, space, ear to listen, services, ideas. When you do this you will get A LOT more than you give. It may be a smile that warms your heart for the day/week/month, or an opportunity that you didn't even think possible. People will learn to trust you, and if you really help them (with a job/service), word will spread and they will tell others. We all know the truth in - 'word of mouth' and 'networking'. Honestly, this is what can make or break you, 'what goes around, comes around'. Simple as that. But never do it for a return, do it because your heart is in the right place. When you start giving genuinely, your world and life will shift...and I promise you it will be for the better.

Well beautiful people, we all have it in ourselves to CHANGE for the better. To change ourselves and live the life we truly want and deserve. Nothing is unachievable. I know I want to live my best year yet, and will make sure each day is a step forward. It might be small steps one day, and a bigger leap the next. I will have bad days and great days, but my attitude about those days will be what really matters.

Start creating new daily habits - the first step is to begin.

It is a choice, so choose wisely.

I hope everyone has an unreal start to their weekend.

love, love.

xx L