I speak a lot about the power of plants to heal the internal body, because they truly do. Food is medicine and that is a fact. Our flora friends provide our bodies with the phytonutrients we need to move, breathe, work, and play. BUT they might do more than just nourish our bodies — they teach us a thing or two about energetic power.

A recent study done by Biefield University concluded that not only do plants convert energy from the sun through photosynthesis, but also can tap into the energy sources of other plants as well. When the green algae involved in the experiment was unable to gather ample sources of light and water, the plant was able to absorb the cellulose enzyme that the neighboring vegetation was secreting and turn that into its own useable energy. There was an energetic exchange occurring on a cellular level. Imagine, two plants sitting next to each other and one offering LIFE to the other from its own internal source! This observation highlights a valuable and humbling truth: besides sunlight and water, community is essential.

Community, people, relationships, your great love, family, friends, ARE life's greatest gifts + are essential to LIVE. And not just live, thrive.

Take it from the tiniest of plants, the algae, for they hold a grand secret. We cannot turn off our predisposition to the energies of those around us, rather we must actively make an effort to surround ourselves with those who fuel our own inner fire, who help us to shine and expand and reach our greatest potential.

In my practice, healing journey and my life in general, this is one of my biggest messages I send out to the world.


Seek out those whose contagious energy makes us want to get up and dance in the sun. Find those that make you want to grow, go, and glow. Surround yourself with goodness, it's a choice. Life is TOO short to surround yourself with negativity.

Take a look around you. . . you become the energy you surround yourself with.

love & light

-xo Lisa