3928994586fecc98f8a83648deb4abe5 “The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole,but true beauty in a Woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she knows.” ― Audrey Hepburn

BEAUTY will always come from within, and this I hold steadfast on. But lets be honest ladies, how sexy do you feel knowing that you have beautiful lingerie on when you're wearing a simple tee + jeans. I dress quite simplistically and more masculine, so knowing I have a little lace underneath makes me feel that much more sexy and feminine.

I don't think it's a secret around here but I l o v e lingerie - specifically black + lacey. I don't know what it is, but I'm usually drawn to black numbers, and have quite the collection now.

So today I wanted to share my favorite brands with you and ladies Christmas is coming up - so it's the perfect gift to YOURSELF ( and your man, h e l l o )

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CALVIN KLEIN: Classic. I remember wearing calvin ringed underwear when I was just entering Junior High, and my love affair with the brand still holds strong. You CANNOT go wrong with this price point, quality yet simplistic + classically cool designs. Love, and will always do so.


GOOSEBERRY INTIMATES: You can see my love affair with this brand on my post HERE - I can't express how B E A U T I F U L these pieces are. I adore them and am scoping out a pj set + a bodysuit. The quality, detail, fit, design, material all of it is TOP notch, the best of the best. A French inspired lifestyle + brand, yet made in Bali. You will not regret buying a single piece from GI, I can't recommend it enough and am looking forward to adding to my collection! I just discovered them this year and they have to be my favorites (although I don't like to play favorites). OH and they just launched their E-BOUTIQUE so you can buy it from wherever you are in the world!


KIKI DE MONTPARNASSE: Now this is pure luxury ladies. I can't express enough how luxurious and sexy Kiki is. . . . once you have a piece you will understand. I feel like all ladies should have a piece, as it will make you feel SO completely and utterly sexy (but remember this beauty and confidence will always stem from within!) BUT let me tell you this will fire you right up!


FLEUR OF ENGLAND: This is a new brand for me, but I'm completely in love with this little piece above! When it comes to bra's I'm not a fan of underwire, or padding (NO padding for me please, I don't get some of those VS bra's, they actually kind of scare me!). I know this little piece would find a good home in my collection.

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AGENT PROVOCATEUR: Another classic when it comes to luxury lingerie. I definitely prefer Kiki, but AP has some i n s a n e little numbers. Oh and the bra above is actually from their diffusion line - L'Agent and is much cheaper than their luxury line. So I would highly suggest this little beauty.

Well ladies (and gents take note!) these are some of my favorites. But I would LOVE to hear yours. I'm always in the market for a beautiful new piece.

Lingerie should NOT be saved for a special occasion. I say find some that is comfortable and pieces you can wear on a daily basis! As women I think this is important! Own it, flaunt it and glow like the star that you are.

- Lisa xo