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“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

We ALL suffer, every SINLGE day: worry, procrastination, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, irritated, angry, frustrated, wishing things were different, comparing ourselves to others, worried we’re missing out, wishing other people would be different, feeling offended, loneliness, fear of failure, not wanting to do something, wishing we looked a certain way, angry at being controlled, wanting to find the perfect someone, wishing our partner was more perfect, stressed about finances, not wanting to think about problems, not knowing how to fix things, uncertain about choices, rushing from one task to the next, not liking our jobs....

Isn't it exhausting just thinking about it? Yet those thoughts run through the majority of our population's minds on the DAILY.

Lets just take a moment and B R E A T H E right now.

ALL of these problems are self-created.

They’re real, but our tricky minds have created them. The problems are in our heads, created by some ideal/fantasy/expectation of how we wished the world would be, or hope it will be but fear it won’t be. It exists in our heads no where else. Take a moment to think about that.

I live by the saying: HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE. Because it IS. Throughout my journey, I've learned this through lots of reflection, solitude and retraining my mind and body. We have the power and ability to CHOOSE how we handle a situation or relationship. We also have the power to change it, and for me that will always, always mean looking at the bright side of it and infusing it with positivity...the other option? Negativity. Nope. Won't go there, it's not worth it and never will be.

I want you to try this, THIS MOMENT: Close your eyes. Take a Deep Belly Breath & let all of that go for a moment, and just pay attention to the physical things around you right now. Your body, the light, sounds, the thing you’re sitting on, the things moving or sitting still around you. Don’t judge them against what they should be, but just observe what they actually are. Observe. Soak things in. Close your eyes and Breathe.

See this moment as it is, without all the things you’re worried/frustrated/angry about. LET GO of all of those things, and just see this moment.

It is perfectly imperfect, as it is.

Accept this moment. Cherish it. It is REAL, and it is wonderful. We are extremely lucky to have what is before us, so whenever those self-created worries seep in - acknowledge this moment - and know that it shall pass to.

Time heals all.

Living in this world that we do, we HAVE to learn how to do this. We MUST learn to meditate. Not only when we are alone in the mornings or at night, but throughout the day. Getting outside of your head is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself.

Breathe in THIS MOMENT. Be present. Release those self created worries, fears, judgements - I promise you, they WON'T serve you OR anyone around you. Fill your mind + head space with goodness. Simple goodness. It's not always easy, and it takes work ( yes work!!!) but boy oh boy are the outcomes worth it.

Life Changing.

This moment. wherever you are. Live it.

love & light

- xo Lisa