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Vision Boards.

What are they? Have you done one? Cheesy/Childish? Crafty? Too much work? Fun?

I happen to think they are the key to success. If you see something everyday, and not just see it but visualize it, it's a fact you will naturally start to carry out those words, pictures, activities. Your brain begins to recognize them as normal and they become a part of your neural pathways. They become engrained in your DNA and you will start to experience these dreams/words/testaments/ they are meant to happen.

I have mine right in front of my bed so when I wake up it is the FIRST thing I see. As I lay in bed preparing myself for new opportunities and a great day ahead I look this over, study it, believe the words and let them become a part of me.

These are just snippets of my visions for 2013 - there is a lot to achieve and strive for, but I am a believer that ALL is possible. Why think otherwise?

I rather believe anything is possible ( call me crazy ) then to never strive for greatness and just accept life as is.

'You really can do ANYTHING you want'

Create your visions.

love, love

xx L