What's in your Fridge/Kitchen?

Let's get personal.

Having a look into my fridge or someone else's can tell me A LOT about them, more than they would like to reveal, without them even knowing (don't get me wrong, I'm not a fridge nazi, but it's my mission and job to help you start making changes to how you fill it). I fully believe that what you put into your body is what you will get out. Not only in health, but in life. The way we nourish ourselves is a direct reflection to how we feel on the inside and what we think about ourselves. Having a bad day? You don't reach for a green smoothie or juice, it's often cookies and chocolate. Instead of looking within and using other coping mechanisms - a walk, a bath, phone/skype date with a best friend, reading, listening to music and breathing, movie out, people reach for food and open their fridge. Often standing there NOT even hungry, yet they are looking for fulfillment. Something to FILL their insides, their emotions and their feelings. Comfort. When in reality food will never, ever fill that emptiness...it can only deepen it. IF you start to stock your fridge & cupboards with health, vibrancy, whole foods you won't be given that other option. I always tell my clients that if you WANT a treat don't keep it at home - because if it's in your house you.will.eat.it. Food speaks to you, it calls you, it can tempt you - this is where and how we have to break the addictions. Having raw, dark chocolate at home that you have a square of every night is A-OK, but when cookies, chips, sweets start overtaking your pantry and fridge it's time to not only look at your outside environment, but also within...to truly nourish yourself you have to love yourself deeply enough to make these changes.

Here are the items that I will ALWAYS have on hand and some basics that everyone should have, so you aren't given options to indulge (I'm all for indulgent treats, but where and how often is the question!) //

-Leafy Greens, my love - romaine, kale, swiss chard, spinach - I always have an abundance. Salads, smoothies, juices there beauty and list for uses is endless. If I don't have any greens in my fridge, then you aren't looking at mine! This should be the foundation of your fridge and kitchen. When you start with greens you add everything else on from there. Healthy carbs/grains, plant or animal protein, healthy fats...Start green, and lets fill in the gaps.




-Red Peppers

-Hemp Seeds (plant protein)

-Flax Seeds (Omega 3)

-Chia seeds (Omega 3, fiber, healthy fats)











-Nuts/seeds ( almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds)



-Sweet Potatoes

-Superfoods (maca, goji berries, mulberries, camu camu, chlorella, Vitamineral Greens + a few more goodies!)


-Apple Cider Vinegar

-Flax/hemp oil

-Sun-dried tomatos

-Coconut Oil


-Hormone Free Milk if you drink dairy, or for me it's homemade Almond or Hemp seed mylk

-Unsweetened Yogurt (add fruit + natural sweetener of choice) or Coconut Yogurt

-Dried or canned beans (whichever ones are most convenient - just try to get organic ones without any salt, and if there is salt give them a good rinse before consuming)

-Spices + himalayan salt

-Raw cocao + Cocao nibs (to make hot chocolate with as a treat and to incorporate the nibs into a healthy trail mix)

-Herbs - parsley, cilantro and dill are my go-to's, but there are SO many to enjoy and discover

-Spirulina (for smoothies)


-Broccoli/Cauliflower/Brussels/ anything from the brassica family


-Gluten-Free Pasta + Organic Tomato sauce with LOTS of veggies for a quick lunch/dinner

-IF you eat and enjoy cheese, Goat's Milk Feta, or any Goat's Milk cheese is the best option!

-Soba Noodles

-Brown Rice

-Nut Butters (good snack to have with fruit or on Sprouted Toast)

-Sprouted/Whole grain wraps

-Hummus (homemade is easiest + cheaper!)

-Flax/Quinoa crackers

-An abundance of teas

-Hormone Free + Free-Range eggs

+++ this should be a good start! Again, I want to stress that you are fully allowed to have treats + sweets, but if you know you can't have chips, sweets, cookies, cakes in the house because you will be temped to eat them, then simply don't buy them. Go out for dessert with friends, buy a ReallY fabulous single serving piece of cake on the weekend to enjoy as a treat and savor every bite, have REALLY dark chocolate on hand at home (80-90%) to have nightly with tea...or make a healthy treat and share it with others!

I want to help you all live a life of health, happiness and passion. The first step is looking within, and knowing and realizing that you are worthy. Worthy of love, nourishment, health and living your purpose...

love & light

-xo Lisa