Working out.

Do you do it? What do you do? Do you enjoy it?

Since the age of 2.5 when I received my first ballet shoes I've been active. I danced for over 18 years, so moving, shaking and working hard comes second nature to me. In that respect I feel VERY lucky to have a natural passion for working out and sweating (and boy do I ever sweat!).

With that being said, I think it is SO important to find things that you LOVE, because lets face it if you don't love it, you won't do it. And if you do force yourself to partake in that 40 minute treadmill run, you will never see the true benefits and results as being mentally active and at peace is such a huge part of your physical success and goals.

Also never forget that it takes WORK. If you don't put in the time and effort, and truly make it a part of your day and lifestyle you will never be satisfied (I know VS angels and many models, and I know they WORK for it. Yes genetics play a part but 95% of them work for it). Whether your goal is to tone up, lose weight, regain or maintain heart health, build muscle...whatever it is, make it your goal and do all that you can to make it happen. Get a trainer, sign up for that spin class, test out some yoga classes and figure out what works for YOU. We are such dynamic and individual beings, that what works for ones body won't work for others. Find your bliss in working out and it will start to flow naturally...and the results, well those will be an added benefit of keeping your heart healthy, releasing toxins, building lean muscle that will keep you young, free and active into your 90's (it is possible people, google Yogi's in their 90's who are still teaching).

Two last points: -80% of how you look is what you eat. SO remember Nutrition is KEY, and I will continue to share tips, recipes and my passion with this. I also have some big news to share regarding this! -An hour workout is 4% of your day, 4%! There is NO excuse. People on average watch 2-3 hours of TV A DAY! Switch off your TV and lets get going. This is a life changer.

My favorite work outs include: running, yoga (vinyasa, fast paced!), Ballet Beautiful DVD's, hill walks on a treadmill (since it is the dead of winter here!), hiking, walking, pilates, resistance training (using my own body weight), spinning, BEING IN NATURE... Those are my top ones, but honestly I just love to sweat and be active! I feel so ALIVE and like I can take on the world.

So get out there, and do what you LOVE. Sweat, move, shake, and most importantly do it FOR YOU.