You either love them or hate them.

I consider myself a 'hat person', if there is such a term! I think so, because I know some people that simply refuse to wear them - their head is too big, too small, they don't like the feel of them...totally understandable. You fully 100% have you to wear what suits you, and expresses yourself. Not what's 'in' or 'cool'. BUT I also say, if you aren't really into hats, maybe you just haven't found the perfect one. It takes time, and trying on heaps to sort out the beret's from the fedora's. Again whatever floats your hat boat. No hat discrimination allowed. (except, for cowboy hats. I just had to say it! I am not a fan, BUT they do serve a function and I can't deny that...).

Hats also serve as a functionality especially as we come into the summer months. Protection people! The suns rays are dangerous, and although we need a good 15 minutes of exposed skin everyday to get out vitamin D. If you are outside for long periods of time then spf + hat wearing are essential. I know when I lived in NYC walking those streets in the summer, BOTH were a must.


My advice is to TRULY try on a bunch of different styles and don't just be satisfied with one that looks 'ok' on you or that you think will serve a purpose. Be mindful of how it fits your head, how it is placed on your head (you still want your beautiful sparklers to shine), how it fits with your style and inner being...If you are unsure enlist a friend to go hat shopping with you, but beware they don't allow their hat love/hatred influence your new purchase.


It is no surprise around here that I LOVE rag & bone, and their hats are no different. To me they are my perfect hat. They suit my style, my face and my overall sense of being. I also enjoy a GOOD Panama hat + a cool baseball cap (NY Knicks all the way baby!).

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 9.56.43 AM

At the end of the day - wear hats that suit YOU. Not what you see look good on others, or in magazines. Allow them to be an extension of yourself. With the summer months coming keep your eyes peeled for new styles, cuts and a plethora of choices.

Happy Wednesday!

love, love