‘Be Content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.’ ~Lao Tzu

You're already perfect. You might not feel like it, but where you are today is where you are supposed to be. Accepting your current state, today, will allow you to actually BE in the moment instead of worrying, stressing and planning for the future. I think it is imperative to have your goals, set them and work HARD for them. But I think until we realize we are perfect at this present state, actualizing those goals will become that much more laborious as we will never be content with who we are right now.

We have eyes that see, we have the ability to appreciate the beauty of the sky, greenery, people’s faces, water. Ears that hear, so we have the ability to appreciate music, the sound of rainfall, the laughter of friends....Trying to be conscious of these miraculous circumstances we often take for granted we are able to enjoy these each day no matter what we are faced with.

If we are constantly worrying about how we will feel tomorrow or what we will do, who we will meet, we will actually miss all of that living today. We are only able to do so much in one day, and while we chip away at where we want to go, and what we want to achieve our centering goal should be to: Embrace the NOW, realize you are perfect right now, and allow the rest to flow organically. Because if you are working hard, living your purpose and passion, and truly listening to your gut and intuition on where you are supposed to be, then the rest will just a beautiful waterfall.

I hope everyone is having a unreal start to your weekend.

love always,