photo 1 A day without green juice? Not in my world!

I know everyone has been indulging in chocolate bunnies, eggies ( I haven't had cadbury mini eggs in many yeeeears, but I do still remember their addictive nature, which means they are HIGHLY addictive) SO put down the left over eggies + get into LIFE - HIGH VIBE FOOD -GREENS.

With spring/summer fast approaching there is NO better time to cleanse the body and get it healthy, vibrant, glowy & full of life, energy and a renewed sense of purpose, goals and direction

This juice is perfect for clarity, energy and nourishment

*one small head of romaine *half of a cucumber *one whole grapefruit *4-5 stalks of celery *3-4 leaves of lacinto kale (aka dinosaur kale) *small piece of ginger *few slices of lemon

Run through the juicer + love every last sip of l i f e.

love & light

-xo Lisa