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Tis' the season to love your liver. With the Holidays coming up (craziness), everyone is bombarded with parties, after-work drinks, potlucks, late nights, early mornings, indulging more than usual, colder temperatures, less activity outside (which means a Vitamin D deficiency- more on that in another post!), and the list could go on. . . . bottom line is that our beautiful + lovely Livers get taxed. Our livers are our major source of DETOXIFICATION, which means if he//she isn't happy, neither are we. Colds, inflammation, acne, dullness, red eyes, bags under our eyes, depression, insomnia, eczema, irritable bowels, bloating, thinning of the hair, split ends, poor memory, inability to digest fats, mood swings, brittle nails, loss of appetite, constipation, and the list goes ON & ON are all symptoms of a unhappy liver.

All of this to say, we MUST love our Livers. This is a very extensive topic, and will be discussed in greater detail in another post & my 5 DAY DETOX in my E-Book (!) To get any sort of G L O W and achieve ultimate health and energy, your Liver must be loved and cleaned out.

For now my Liver Lover Juice will give you a good start / /

*One large beet *3 stalks of celery *Half a green apple *2-3 leaves of Romaine *Half a lemon *Half a cucmber *1 small carrot *small piece of ginger *For even further Liver detox add in a few Dandelion Leaves. TIP: Whatever is Bitter, is good for your Liver

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Juice it up + Sip and feel your Liver giving you a giant hug.

Love & Light