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Fresh. Cold pressed. Organic. Raw. Never HHP'ed juice = PURE. BLISSFUL. HEAVEN.

Enter Village Juicery. A new kid on the block when it comes to the Toronto Juicery scenery. With my deep and devout passion for juicing I knew I had to try it ASAP.

After visiting their NEW location at 540 College, in Little Italy (a new hood for me!). I was left breathless, nourished, full of lightness, happiness and walked away tasting the BEST juice I've e v e r tasted. (I've done cleanses with Organic Avenue, Juice Press, and have tasted many, many juices, and every juicery in Toronto juices). By no means am I an expert, but with many years of drinking raw, fresh pressed juices and juicing on my own - nothing has come as close to this juice. Not only is it BOASTING with unsurpassed nutrient density, but the authenticity, packaging, labeling on the back, nutrient profile, the light + airy space, hiring Nutritionists to work at there store so you are met with e d u c a t i o n . . . every after thought is touched upon, and you can feel their genuine heart, soul and passion that is squeezed into every. last. drop of their delicious juice.

I was blessed with 3 of my favorite juices out of the bunch. I wanted to touch on 3 foundations that I live day in and out.

#1 Greens, always greens. The MORE the better. Organic + raw of course.

Enter in BE CLEAN //

This is their profile for their greenest juice.

"I drink green juice for breakfast and I’m ready to hit the reset button when you are.

Every one of my ingredients is among the highest in nutrient density per calorie and I work overtime to encourage your body’s detoxification and rehydration process. My artillery of kale, chard, romaine, parsley and dandelion are extremely rich in countless vitamins and phytonutrients that serve your vascular system (blood, liver and pancreas) and have been shown to reduce the risk of many common cancers. To round it all out, my cucumber, celery , apple and lemon hydrate andreplenish your cells while adding a delicious diversity of nutrition.

Reach for me anytime, but do keep in mind that I may naturally stir some very healthy movements in your body."

What's Inside Percentage of recipe by weight. 10% FRUIT


90% LEAF

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By far my favorite of the bunch, as I naturally lean towards the greener side of things. This has to be the BEST green juice I've E V E R tasted. With only 10% fruit, you would have NO idea. It has the most subtle sweetness to it, yet allows the greens to SHINE. It's smooth, nourishing and in drinking this juice, mark my words, you will feel it INSTANTLY. The chlorophyll molecule is almost identical to a red blood cell, therefore consider drinking this juice as a 'green juice infusion'. It goes straight into your blood stream, and your body will be smiling for days.

Bravo Village! This is a home run.

#2 BE RADIANT - Juice to make your skin G L O W from the inside out. If you are a regular reader you know how passionate I am about natural beauty, skincare and finding your GLOW.

In a nut shell, this juice ( sidenote: it's hard for me to call this companies juice, juice, because it truly does not do it justice. liquid gold maybe? Let me think on this . . .) will make your insides shine bright, like the sun on a mid summers afternoon. Pure Gold.

"Who says youth can’t be found in a bottle? My number one goal is to have you shine from the inside-out by flushing built-up toxins out of your system.

I’m made of bright ingredients that help you shine. Carrot, sweet potato and fresh turmeric root form a tidal wave of beta carotenes that nourish your skin and fight damaging free radicals. I’m also loaded with biotin, which promotes stronger, faster growing hair and nails. If that’s not enough, Granny Smith apple and lemon provide an antioxidant and antibacterial kick – breakouts be gone!

Take me any time, all the time. I’m that all-natural secret to radiance you’ve been waiting for."

What's Inside Percentage of recipe by weight. 20% FRUIT

80% ROOT


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Turmeric and sweet potato in one juice! Sign me up please. Both of these both SUPER anti-inflammatory properties. Medicinal to the max. Blasting with betacarotene, this liquid gold with infuse a glow into your epidermis, that will leave you glowing! Not that I've tasted liquid sunshine, but if there is such a thing, this juice would be boast the golden star to the most resemblance.

#3 BE STRONG. This speaks to athletes, sweat lovers, movers, shakers and giving your Liver some lovin'. Which should be everyones top priority :) Further giving your immunity a boost above all else.

"I’m the show stopper to bring your immune system to super strength status. Some people are quick to judge but you’ll quickly realize there’s much more to me than meets the eye.

If cucumber and apple are an opening act, red cabbage is certainly the star of the show. This purple crucifier gives you sulfur-containing glucosinolates that break down into biologically active compounds in your body that are being seriously researched for their contribution to preventing many cancers. My finale features beets and Swiss chard, providing a rich variety of immunity-contributing antioxidantsand bone-building magnesium.

Reach for me if you need a delicious immunity boost or are simply feeling courageous – what’s inside is hard to find and it will surely do you good."

What's Inside Percentage of recipe by weight. 30% FRUIT

10% ROOT

60% LEAF

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There aren't words to describe this concoction. I've NEVER had juice with red cabbage. Then you add in the beets (One of my favorite foods ever!), and the swiss chard and you've got a nutrition powerhouse. One that will send your liver into song and dance. This unique blend is a MUST try for everyone.

Honestly, after trying ALL of their juices I CAN'T pick a favorite. Each one speaks to a different part of my body, mind and soul. They pair together in a holistic way, and allow each of your organs, cells, bloodstream and MIND to feel its effects. I often speak of food as medicine, and EVERYTHING that Village Juicery is doing embodies my philosophy. What we consume, is WHAT WE ARE. It makes up our cellular structure, our organs, our skin, hair, nails, muscles . . . EVERYTHING.

We need MORE of this passion, education and genuine care for the health of our community, city, nation and greater planet. This inspires and motivates me to create this and spread this in my own way. Everyone deserves health, happiness, feeling vibrant and knowing WHAT & WHY they are eating the food that they are. Everything that we do / put into our mouths is a CHOICE.

I want to help you make better choices!!! I want you to live your optimal LIFE & GLOW.

I could go on, and on about how amazing this n e w juicery is, but you can find out more details here ! If you live in Toronto, or are visiting this amazing city than please do yourself, friends, and family a favor and show them some love.

I hope everyone is having an AMAZING WEEK! Happy New Years to my Orthodox Beauties.

love & light