Me and candles are BFF's. Especially ones that are named Loft, and consist of sandalwood, amber, and rose... These are a few of my favourite things

Next addition to my Sun Potion family 

Mild obsession with this recipe

My perfect jean in the whole wide world ( I'm slowly becoming more conscious of where I'm buying my clothes. I rather buy less, but in invest in quality pieces that are making our environment + world a better place. Reformation is the best in biz) 

Every day Fall look, except my coat is Black 

No words for this butter - I couldn't have dreamed up something better myself 

In my cart, a must read, as I definitely struggle with keeping focused with SM! 

On it's way, so excited to try this brand. I've been waiting to try it for years. New, green beauty oils make me way too excited 

Lowered price



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