p1040431zConfession: I've been wanting to do this for years now . . . well over a year for sure.

What has stopped me? F E A R!

I do not want to beat around the bush. As positive + joyfully happy + determined as I am, I was / am still struggling with the how to's of living out my passion & purpose in life. How this manifested - being fearful of success so staying comfortable at my clinic job, not pushing myself because it's SCARY, the fear of being ordinary + thinking that I could not have the career + dream job that I want: HELP people heal, spread my experience / knowledge / experience to support and guide people to a healthier, happier + more passionate + G L O W filled LIFE.

How will I do this: By creating programs + meal plans for ANYONE + ANYWHERE. The beauty of Skype is like we are sitting across from each other with a green tea or organic coffee! It really is no different than having a in person session. I will hold you accountable, support you, send my love + energy your way, just as I would if you were next to me, EVEN more so if we are working on a program together!!! I've been known to be hyper diligent with my patients, offering them 24/7 communication with me, WHY? Because I genuinely care for you. My heart swells up just thinking about helping people world wide through the beauty of technology! As much as we try to shun it or bad talk it, it is our reality. It's important to NOT focus on the bad qualities of it, BUT practice mindfulness + balance when it comes to online presence + business.

SO in the next month expect a WORK WITH ME tab up above!!! I will lay our my exclusive packages + services for YOU. My sessions will be custom tailored for your needs, wants + goals. I will be your personal Health + Life + Internal GLOW + Beauty COACH.

You better be ready for your health journey . . . it is my Life's Purpose to help YOU.

Stay tuned for updates + more info on this!


Learn what foods are beneficial for your body, how to lose weight eating a plant-based diet, and manage stress.

I will develop a program based on YOUR needs.

We will explore different ways of eating and evaluate if you have any food allergies or sensitivities. Work together to heal digestive issues. Create a new-found healthy and maintainable lifestyle. Beauty + Skin consults AKA getting your glow on. Meal Planning + Plans Nutrition Counseling Help you through Auto-Immune Conditions Detox Assistance Weightloss Management Plant-based Cooking + Whole Foods cooking. I work with every 'diet', lifestyle + eating styles. We start with where YOU are at.

My PROMISE to you - depending on YOUR goals //

Lose weight Have more energy Have Glowing skin Manage sugar cravings Reduce Anxiety BE the happiest human on the planet Learn exactly what foods to buy when grocery shopping Be more Zen Connect your mind with your body Manage stress Sleep better Have confidence and feel comfortable with your body Balance hormones Increase sexual functionality Gain control over eating habits, cravings, and overall health! Regain your Z E S T for life, love + your future.

You can have the life you DREAM OF. Until we are sick or a family member is sick, we DO take our health for granted. We expect our bodies to perform day, in and out, yet feed it unhealthy thoughts + food. OF course there is balance in life, but I see too many people that are unhappy, not healthy + simply moving through the motions.

HEALTH is the greatest gift you can give yourself. No one else can do this for you. If you don't have it than nothing. else. matters. I sadly know this first hand. Relationships, vacations, jobs, friendships, events, family, working out, shopping, etc . . . if your health isn't there or is deteriorating none of these can grow / thrive.

Ok, mini rant over! I am just so fiercely passionate about this, that I want to help as many people as I can.

SO expect some stellar packages / programs / consultations that will help you get to where you want to be!!!

I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend.

ps- comment below if there are certain areas in your life that you are struggling with the most. I always, always, always love hearing from you.

love & light