b4266d91ab373a629c4f6d0485508312 "If only I knew then, what I know now." What are the words your older, wiser self would say to your youthful one? A tonne of, "don’t do this or that", and an encouragement to try one thing or another, or, just something simpler?

When I think back and look at what I’ve done, I know there are probably a heap of things maybe I shouldn’t have. They were foolish, mindless and ridiculous at times, but I wouldn’t change them for anything in this world because they gave me experience, which is what life is all about. What I would simply say is, "be good to you". This is the one thing I needed to hear more of. Not just then, but as a constant reminder now, too.

A simple reminder to be kind to yourself is something that is vital to your emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual health. It is what makes health holistic instead of a focus on an individual part. When you are good to yourself, the rest flows... I know this now because of my personal experience with it. And now this is something I work on with clients in my nutrition practice, with friends, family and now, right here with you.

This is the whole reason behind the why's of what I do. Yes, it's to continually grow, heal and evolve myself, but it's all for you. To help people near and far.

My life is richer in every way because of my desire to help others heal, love deeply and live their optimal lives.

When you come across an obstacle in life, you can’t move through it without a true belief in your strength to do it. When you feel something is problematic in your health, whether minor or major, you need firstly to be kind in the way you speak to yourself in order to find the power within you to move through it. When you find that connection to yourself, or your essence, the hurdles you’ve identified in your health can be more easily overcome. Now by this I don’t mean an immediate healing - that is always a process - but once you find a connection to kindness, where you felt there was a great obstacle is a very clear map of what you need to do.

Be good to you.