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With Valentines Day on Saturday lets talk about L O V E.

To be honest I'm not HUGE on it like I said before, well the commercialization of it, as I believe this love should be shown every single day. Card's, I love You's, small treats that your lover likes, and the nurturing + love that should be infused in the daily. But a day to shower even MORE LOVE, yes please. I will be the first one on the love train!

First off HOW GREAT IS IT??? I truly, truly believe that LOVE is everything. It makes the world go round. It's pure + unconditional in nature, and is one of lives greatest gifts. When Love is infused into A N Y T H I N G only good things happen. Remember the last negative thought you had, argument, disagreement you had . . . with anyone. What if you chose to shroud it in love, instead of negative emotions? IT could change the course of many, many, many things . . .

On this day and on ALL days celebrate the LOVE that is present in your life! Release any doubt as to whether or not it is there - always remember that YOU ARE LOVE. Make room for it and it will be expressed naturally. When you express love in this authentic manner, oxtyocin, the β€œlove hormone,” is released in the brain. Now oxytocin is a hormone you want flowing freely and plentifully throughout your beautiful body!

Oxytocin relieves feelings of stress and anxiety on both the body and the mind. It promotes better sleep - by cultivating a sense of calm and acceptance - reduces fears, encourages generous behaviors, and promotes feelings of satisfaction. Research has found that oxytocin reduces cortisol (the stress hormone) in the body and lowers blood pressure. This improves your ability to restore optimal digestion and burn calories and fat at an increased rate. Both oxytocin and the oxytocin receptors have been found in the intestinal tract with a direct correlation to improved gut motility and decreased intestinal inflammation.

Ohhhhhh and because we're talking about V-DAY it plays a big role in sexual arousal for both men and women? And is the hormone that is released when females orgasm. HELLO!!! Sexual energy and health plays a LARGE role in our overall health. A healthy libido = a healthy body, mind and spirit.

SO RELEASE your love. Be present IN IT. Share it and express it with the ones closest to you, especially your special o n e. Your love radiates from your every word, thought, and action with others. Make it count and don't shy away from it.

A body in love is a relaxed, present, satisfied body that makes decisions with its health & vitality in mind. A body in love is a sexy, strong, GLOWING body that brightens up the world with its energy.

LOVE yourself AND others. The love that you have for yourself is the most important love of all. You can't love others until you LOVE yourself. Relationships aren't 50/50 - They are 100/100. Come fully as YOURSELF. Your person will love evert part of you.

SO this weekend share your perfect heart. Those around you are LUCKY to have you.

Anyone have any special plans this weekend? Would LOVE to hear how you share/spread love!

Happy Almost Weekend!

love & light


PS - Call me a romantic head, but I heard THIS song for the first time yesterday & find it enduring + sweet . . . I mean if ever there is a holiday to listen to this, this is IT! hehe.

Everyday is Valentines Day to me.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. xoxoxo