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When I speak about health, wellness living your optimal LIFE. Love and your heart play a HUGE part in that. We are holistic and whole beings, and not incorporating this into our wellness + health journey is not taking into account your PRIMARY needs. Food is SECONDARY. Your primary foods are relationships, career, spiritual practice (religious or not - simply beliefs), family, environment. If these aren't in order, your food choices / diet will never be.

With that being said, L O V E should be infused in everything you do and say.


We are all connected.

Our bodies are all connected.

Give love, to be love.

"Rules" for love.

1. When it arrives, cherish it with your whole, whole heart. Some people will never feel the love you experience on a daily basis.

2. Whatever you accept, you will get

3. Understand that love is a mirror—it will show us who we are if we allow it to.

4. Only we can make ourselves happy, it is not the other person’s responsibility.

5. Don’t say words with the intent to hurt. NEVER.

6. Accept and forgive easily. LET IT GO. It's not worth it.

7. Don’t be scared to disagree, it is healthy.

8. NEVER be too busy for each other.

9. Do not punish.

10. Accept honest criticism, it is good for us.

11. Admit when you are wrong, very quickly. Let go of your EGO.

12. Support each other when the going gets tough.

13. LIVE in the moment— be fully present.

14. Leave the past where it belongs.

15. Leave drama out of it.

16. Don’t try to control

17. Allow a small amount of jealousy.

18. Don’t use comparisons.

19. Celebrate differences! It's what makes us beautiful and unique.

20. COMMUNICATE openly and honestly. Key, key, key . . .

21. Listen very carefully.

22. Don’t judge.

23. Don’t manipulate to get results.

24. Learn AND grow.

25. Don’t try to change each other.

26. Don’t condemn each other’s family and friends. Love them, celebrate them and treat them like GOLD.

27. Lines, flaws and imperfections are beautiful.

28. Trust your instincts, but don’t be paranoid.

29. Don’t compromise your morals and values and don’t expect them to either.

30. Instead of power, aim for balance.

31. Space is needed to breathe and to grow. Being attached at the hip is n o t healthy.

32. Accept that you are both unique— never compare.

33. Have fun, laugh and play— A WHOLE LOT.

34. Be each other’s best friend.

35. Don’t play mind games. It will get you NO WHERE!!!

36. Do not carelessly throw away love. It is thee most precious thing. Material things come and go, as do people in our lives, but true love. Don't throw it away. It's a gift you've been bestowed.

37. Don’t waste energy with negative thoughts.

38. Compliment your love often!

39. Discover each other.

40. Be attentive and understand what’s not said.

41. Do at least one romantic and thoughtful thing every day. Notes, cards, special treats, words, affection, small lil gifts, actions. . .

42. Take picnics and sleep under the stars.

43. Don’t just speak about it, show love.

44. Walk together, cook together, bathe together, read together.

45. Do not be afraid, love requires surrender.

46. Be loyal and faithful.

47. Trust.

48. Be grateful.

49. Fluidity is good, accept change.

50. Don’t sleep on a fight. I hate to use the word NEVER, but don't do this. You aren't doing ANYONE favors.

51. Discover what turns you both on and explore it.

52. Make love, very regularly.

54. Give and receive without measure.

55. Never gamble with what you can’t afford to lose.

56. A kiss can melt a bad day away, NEVER underestimate the smallest of gestures. It is the small things that truly count.

Have a love filled weekend Beautiful Souls!

Love & Light