PicMonkey Collage

be the love you wish to see in the world. Embody it in ALL that you do. . . love to others and to yourself will never go unnoticed. love truly makes the world go around. Celebrate the love every. single. day. Not just for those special moments, or those moments of ' I love you's '... FEEL it + express LOVE in ALL that you do. It's the small things + moments that matter. NOT the big gestures or holidays.

In-love is not looking to be saved, not looking to be fulfilled, not needing. But that’s exactly what ends up happening: you’re thrown a rope, your heart is filled full, you are a more authentic and self-actualized person on your own simply because that other person exists. You want them with twelve different kinds of want all at the same time in even the smallest capacity, whether it’s a comforting lingering thought or a stolen-away evening or an isolated long weekend. They become a part of you; his pain is your pain, her bucket list your own. You have not another half but a teamed soul. They are your muse and the fire inside you; your goals and dreams become brighter and not in some fairytale way – they’re discussed more thoroughly, planned more thoughtfully, executed more authentically.

You shine brighter because of them, and not just because of their insight or affirmations or even the example they set as they live their own miraculous life. It’s because of their touch, their voice, their way of making you feel like you are the person you know you want to be. The way they look at you in the morning, with sleep in your eyes and heaviness in your lashes, and Darth Vader pajama pants and the slightly creaky body of early hours, like you can do anything in the world.

Your plane has landed and you are finally home.

SO today. Simply BE love. Embody it from the inside out.

I love each and every one of you - for reading, sharing, supporting and allowing me to express my heart + passion to the world.

Have a love + light filled day.


- xo Lisa