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“Make a home for eternal spirit in your heart. Notice what thoughts create tension or anxiety and choose to release them. To the degree that anxiety taints your motivation, to that same degree, you are less effective in all you do, for spirit is them denied access to your mind and heart, and you, in a literal sense, are not fully present.The process of relaxing all thoughts that require tension to sustain them is a process is a process of relaxing habits of the past and awakening to the reality of your own spiritual presence.It is a process of losing interest in fearful ways of walking upon the earth and chosing to create your world in love through the action of your open heart.Should you perceive a problem, you surround that problem with love. You define it in love. You recognize that it is caused by the lack of love that lies behind all problems. And with love, you introduce the understanding that provides the solution.”

~Ken Carey from Return of the Bird Tribes

We all LOVE the word detox. I've written about it a plethora of times on here, and I do believe that the physical body requires some form of detoxing on a daily basis. YES, that is are livers job (thanks lovely liver), but we would be blind and numb to our surroundings if we didn't think the air we breathe, foods we consume and toxins we take in on a daily basis aren't harmful to our internal cells, flora and overall youth and vitality, therefore we have to shower our body with water, greens, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats.

BUT what gets less media attention and buzz is the importance of detoxing the other invisible bodies within which we operate. OUR MIND + HEART. How do we achieve that? And what are the health benefits? As important as it is to rid our bodies of harmful bacteria and lingering gunk, it is also so very essential for us to practice routine mind and soul maintenance so that our heart and souls - like our digestive systems - can operate optimally. The chattering mind and overstimulated nervous system deserve just as much tender love and care as the physical body.

We do not realize it, but the unconscious mind is constantly analyzing, absorbing, calculating, producing, and reacting to the world around us. We are sponges that take in energy and information and either turn it into something we use or pile it up to be used at another point in time. Even if we consider ourselves extreme optimists (I'm pointing a finger at myself!), it is part of being human that we experience negatively, guilt, shame, doubt, pain, and suffering and such emotions have very serious, lasting effects. At the end of the day we are ONLY HUMAN. Sometimes I have to remind myself of this. Just as it is necessary to transition our bodies from season to season with a cleansing practice, so too is it advised to hit the reset button to wipe the slate clean and make room for those thoughts and feelings that are substantial, supportive, and that enhance reality rather than detract from self-image and experience. A healthy body requires a healthy mind. Luckily detoxing the mind is a simple matter of gaining awareness and enhancing your ability to LISTEN. You start by observing the ways in which you talk to yourself and the quality of your thoughts about the world around you. When you notice the negative self-talk, overactive judgmental voice, and blockages to finding perspective, you can work to counter them with intentional positive affirmations.

Creating space between ourselves and our experiences allows us the distance needed to choose how we respond to a situation - instead of reacting with intense emotion or rash actions, we acknowledge the way something affects us, and then decide how we want to move forward. By infusing mindfulness into our actions, we become the pilots of our experience rather than passengers carried along via emotional streams of reactions, outbursts + intense feelings. This in turn affects everything from the way we look into the mirror to how we treat our loved ones to the food we put into our bodies. When we actively work to detox the mind, we make the choice to wake up, to notice, and most importantly to choose how we SHOW up each moment, armed with the power of positive thought and clear mind to take on this beautiful, tumultuous life.

This week. B E M I N D F U L . Of yourself, and others.

Breathe. Listen. Meditate. Create Space. Observe.

love & light