Mondays - I love them.

Why? Monday is the start of a new week; synonymus with a sense of apathy and an extra shot of coffee. Don't get me wrong, I get it. You've just had a weekend of fun and now, for the majority of us, we go back to the churn, the daily grind for another week. Sure, this is accurate. However, given the inevitability of Monday, why not learn to love them - maybe, crazy as this might sound, celebrate them?

Why does Monday have such a horrible rep? It's just after the weekend so you're feeling fresh, you get to get back into doing whatever you do during the week (which ideally, is something you have selected for your professional growth, a source of income and culture), and its an opportunity for you to move closer towards your longer term career goals.

If you can't already tell, I'm suggesting that maybe your mindset is what is more important here; and if you apply a positive, optimistic attitude towards the first weekday of the week, chances are you'll love it! OR learn to love it.... sometimes it just takes practice.

Personally, Monday for me is a really important time for reflection, focusing and reliving the weekend. As I do each morning, my meditation (usually done while working out or walking) draws my attention to the previous few days, which by default, are usually filled with seeing family and friends, relaxing and enjoying our time together. I also make sure that I devote energy to envisaging what i'd like this week to bring - personal, relationships, career - anything that I feel is needing specific attention.

In doing this, I get excited - I see that I have an opportunity. There's so much I want for this week ahead; how could I not feel a buzz - so much time, so many activites! Even if it's something as simple as cooking dinner for my boyfriend, or maybe calling a family member for 10 minutes every day - I see that this week; this can happen. Usually I pick a small goal for each area in my life: personal development, relationships, family, health and fitness, career and home. I write it down and put it somewhere I will see the entire week - my wallet, my journal, my computer. This might sound laborious. But I can assure you. It's not. You probably write a text message or check your phone every 15 minutes. This is a small note to yourself and it gets you excited that it's Monday.

If nothing else, that, is a very exciting thought. So go! And experience the best Monday you can this week.

PS. If writing goals for you is challenging, it's ok. It get's easier and i'll be adding a lot more on this topic at a later stage. All a goal is is a definable, measurable activity that you can control the action of - eg. I will go do a different gym class each morning this week. It's specific, and its something that is in your ability to do, realisticially. Weekly goals are small, working towards a longer term goal such as 'I want to be CEO of my company' or 'I want to feel sexy in a slinky dress again'. If this is something of particular interest please let me know in the comments and I'll bump it right up the priority list!

Have a great Monday! Your new favorite day of the week ;)