1b7e386d5d5bbb3a1de96d28d2f955ee “Shame is a soul eating emotion.” ― C.G. Jung

Food is often tied to emotions, feelings or 'lack' of something.

You may not be hungry or have had any former thought about it, but then a memory, mood, smell or emotion ignites an urge to satisfy your mind and your stomach. While at times this is beautiful, like sitting down to a long slow-cooked and healthy lunch with the family or friends, at other times the connection with emotion and finding comfort in food is something you need to tread carefully with. Sharing food with gratitude and mindfulness creates a positive and healthy approach to food. Using food to find comfort, release or to satisfy emotional needs however, tips the other end of the scale.

Stress is often our primary cause for finding comfort in food. A big day at work, the mid-afternoon slump, you reach for chocolate, chips or other items of such nature. Then, the signals between your gut and brain find an almost instantaneous calm.

So, what happens when you are under continuous stress? Does this habit kick harder? For most, the answer is yes. You see, when your body is under stress for prolonged periods, ghrelin, one of our primary digestive and hunger hormones, often increases its need and craving for fatty acids. Enter, chips, cheese, deep fried foods and more, to help create the comfort zone. We indulge, feel regret, and then find ourselves in the same place the following day when stress peaks yet again. The vicious cycle continues...and we always say ' I'll start on Monday...'.

The solution?

Know thyself. Learn to read your body and be prepared. If emotional eating is something you have as a coping mechanism, it’s time to make a switch to new comforts in life. Sit and think about why you are feeling emotional, make time to understand instead of bury it, wait and see how that changes your response. Walk, breathe, make herbal tea, sit with a book, have a bath, journal, paint find some peace by the ocean or write down what is going on for you before you touch anything related to food. Be aware of what makes you feel honest relief and allow the time you have with food to be always filled with true positivity and happiness. Food is meant to make you happy, and is best shared. Don't let guilt, shame, fear, regret or any of these negative emotions be apart of eating.

Find joy.

Happy Monday Beautiful Souls