2b523e76b90176e8392b64c452d6b3da It's a new week. Breathe. Give Thanks & Love Deeply.

Here is a beautiful meditation to be tucked in your pocket and taken out whenever you need a moment to remind yourself of your personal power (I will say it over and over again, but you CAN do anything you want). Use the breath to calm and to steady, and to open the subtle channels of creativity that can sometimes become blocked by the chaotic chitter chatter of the mind.

Your Meditation

1. Find a quiet space to be alone for 10 minutes and sit or stand comfortably. As you assume a comfortable posture, try and grow an inch taller by lengthening the crown of your head up towards the ceiling. 2. Set a timer on your phone or watch for 10 minutes. 3. Clothes your eyes and begin to take deep breaths in and out through your nose. Imagine the belly expanding first, then draw the breath up into the ribs, and then up into the chest. 4. Begin to count the seconds of each inhale and each exhale. Inhale for a count of 5, exhale for a count of ten. If this length is too long to start, reduce the length but keep the ratio of inhale to exhale 1:2. 5. Breathe like this for 20 breaths. 6. After your 20th exhale, take a few soft breaths in and out through your nose. 7. Now, bring your awareness right to the center of your heart. 8. Imagine the breath moving in and out through the heart as it acts as your heart were your lungs and the breath was fluidly moving directly in and out of its center. 9. No need to count the breath, just keep it steady and fluid and concentrate on that point in the middle of the heart where it breathes in and out. 10. After the timer sounds, place both hands on your heart and take a moment to feel its beating.

This is pure, raw, beautiful energy.

You are alive. You are powerful. You are a center of the universe that continually shines like the sun.


Know that you have everything within you to heal, love & fulfill your dreams.

Happy Monday Beautiful Souls.

love & light

- xo Lisa