PicMonkey Collage “There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness, and truth.” ― Leo Tolstoy

Some Musings for a Monday Morning...

simplistic, healing, life-giving.

-eat raw as much as possible! It's best for our DNA + Cells + Optimal Health

-buy a cold press juicer. It will be life changing

-stay in the present moment (the now) as much as you can

-make sure your breathing is full + deep. . . . best detox possible. Just breathe, its WAY too overrated

-love YOURSELF unconditionally or you can never love anyone else unconditionally

-sweat + move daily. Dance, yoga, long walks, sauna, pilates, biking, sports, running... mix up your workouts as much as possible for your body + brain.

-embrace your inner 5 year old. . . find gleeful joy in the small things. Be as child-like as possible

-judgement is so boring! Don't judge.

-take nothing (not even stuff directed towards you) personally

-dry body brush for your lymph system + skin + glow

-on nights where you are staying in try to go to bed by 10pm. . . your most optimal times to sleep are between 10pm-2am

-be in nature as much as possible

-get rid of your TV + read MORE (I don't own a TV, and love it). People + books feed my soul

-dancing is not a luxury it's imperative. Even if alone in the morning before you start your day - DANCE

-ANYTHING can be a meditation. Walking, yoga, cooking, being intimate with your love, taking our the trash. BE PRESENT

-strive to raise your vibration daily

-talk to strangers

-the biggest gift you can give someone is your time, listen to people. Truly listen

-express gratitude every step of the way, you have it GOOD

-share your feelings with your family, friends, loves, they don't always know how you are feeling. And sometimes it's just nice to hear. You are an amazing ___________ and I love you dearly.

-call people, stop texting

-give thanks daily

-SMILE + LAUGH. I met a homeless man on the street yesterday coming back from yoga & the only thing he asked me to do was SMILE for him, he said it made his week. He then proceeded to tell me jokes to make me laugh - he said laughter can cure all... He asked for my e-mail and I gave him that and my phone #, we then rode the streetcar in the direction of my home. He told me life stories and I listened. Sometimes someone just needs a smile and an ear to listen. Never forget the simple things in life, they mean the MOST.


love + light

-xo Lisa