tumblr_mljc68NFYX1rxfwujo1_1280 Weekends are for letting go of routine a bit, sleeping in a tad more, indulging, staying up later, brunch dates...we all know the beauty of weekends.

Come Monday though people usually snap back into their routine. I personally try to get up at the same time everyday, but I definitely let my body sleep more on weekends if it needs it.

I thought Monday would be the perfect time to share with you my 'simple' yet life giving morning routine:

1. Wake up usually between 645-730

2. meditate

3. read a few pages of an uplifting + motivating book (i.e Louise Hay, Marianna Williamson...)

4. Check phone (bad habit! Does anyone not do this?)

5. Take vitamins

6. Dry Body Brush my entire body

7. Jump in the shower for a quick, quick rinse

8. slather coconut oil all over my body

9. Make my green juice

10. Make my smoothie

11. Green/herbal tea/lemon water

12. Blog/write

13. Gym/yoga/walk/run anything to get my body moving! I love exercise.

And the day goes on.... And is full of work, studying, meeting with friends, family time, reading, eating nutritious meals, grocery shopping, planning my move, healing, resting, planning our retreats in Jasper (July) & Bali (March) - more on this VERY soon...and just going through my days full of love, respect and genuine care for everything & everyone I come into contact with.

It might seem like a whole lot, but it gives me SO much joy and life, and once you get into the habit of everything the morning just flows and when you 'miss' something you seem a bit off!

I encourage you to find your own little morning routine, and by no means does it have to resemble this or anyone else's. Find your own special rituals and routines is so life giving, and will catapult you into your day + week ahead. You might have 10 minutes you might have an hour, or maybe setting your alarm 15/30 minutes earlier to fit in a tad more before your day starts. Whatever it is, embrace it and show yourself some love before you enter into the world and give so much of yourself!

Happy Monday Loves! Have an amazing start to your week.