Mondays are a perfect day to start FRESH. Start your week off right and practice gratitude.

I want to share just a few things I am thankful for. We are all really blessed, and sometimes when life gets hectic we tend to forget.

Things I am thankful for + love:

-FAMILY. FRIENDS. hands down - without these I wouldn't be here. I would do anything for them.

-my passion for health and wellness.

-having a body that is able to run, jump, yoga it up, surf, dance...

-self- love - love yourself first so you can love others whole-heartedly

-early mornings

-farmers markets

-laughing so hard my tummy hurts

-juicing - I LOVE my juicer

-spending countless hours at small local coffee shops w/ friends & good books

-simple walks in nature - soaking up the sounds, smells and peace

-smiles/smiling/the sounds of smiles (you know you can tell when someone smiles over the phone!)

-MUSIC- it makes my heart sing, and just makes every day that much better

-giving for no reason

-healing and healing myself

-coconut oil! I use it for everything.

-sentimental jewelry - my moms engagement ring

-cooking - Love it

-gold jewelry

-traveling to an unknown destination

-my santevia water unit ( AMAZING - will share more on it soon...). Having access to clean, filtered water is a gift. SO many are without. Something we take for granted, but is such a blessing.

-not working, but living your passion. THAT should be your job

-simple gestures // sweet, stolen kisses/ long, strong hugs/ cuddles/ hand holding

-black/sexy bras and underwear. I tend to dress so simply. I love feeling sexy and feminine underneath.

-making a difference

-BOOKS - endless books

-road trips

-my education - in South Africa and New York

-to have lived in Africa--- my heart is forever changed and I think about those children & beauty everyday

-sitting by a camp fire under the stars

-superfoods - vitamineral greens, goji berries, maca, camu-camu, bee pollen, chia seeds, spirulina + chlorella, olive leaf

-le creusent pots

-manuka honey and lemon

-fresh/white bedding

-surfing + the ocean

-city living - I am a city girl, and although I need nature, NYC and big cities have my heart

-having access to an abundance of healthy & fresh veggies + fruit! Natures food just makes me so happy + keeps me glowing. Organic is BEST

-receiving mail! old school snail mail

-candles - lighting candles and reading or having the bath is my secret pleasure. I LOVE it

-sleeping in + 5 am sunrises

-hot and cold shower blasts

-my Blendtec (smoothies and soups galore)

-dogs + animals

-reallllly good tea

-raw chocolate

-TRAVEL. I want to do more...

-rag & bone + stella McCartney

-helping people. In any and every way

-knowing I will fall in love again, and meet the man of my dreams

-witnessing family + friends successes and celebrating them. To see my fam, friends and loved ones succeed makes me joyful beyond belief

-essential oils

-green and natural skin care/creams (May Lindstrom, Tammy Fender, Josie Maran)

-having the ability to be passionate + dream. I am a true believer that nothing is impossible... never stop dreaming guys.


-One Lucky Duck and Pure Food and Wine

-having the drive and passion to achieve any and everything. I firmly believe ANYTHING is possible.

AH! So much to be thankful for. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

In the end It's simply about having less, but loving the things you have MORE.

What are a few things you are thankful for?

Have an amazing start to your week.