tumblr_mlo417ZmnZ1qad56lo1_500 ‘A small daily task, if it be really daily, will beat the labours of a spasmodic Hercules.’ ~Anthony Trollope

If you trust that you’ll get the important stuff done each day, and you know that you have good instincts for deciding what needs to be done, you can let go of the worry of not having a productive or fulfilling day. Enter the DAILY CHECKLIST.

It might seem so simple and silly, but if you set it out the night before (I make a large colorful post-it note on computer screen using the 'stickies' application) you will feel SO much calmer going to sleep and it will hold you accountable for getting things done. Put 8 things on there. Try to get almost all of them done each day, but know that it’s not always fated to happen. Often things that aren’t in your control come up and change your plans!

They don't have to be big and grandiose tasks and sometimes they could just be simple reminders of things you need to do or habits you are trying to form. For me, so many have already become just a daily habit (juicing, working out, etc...) but for many a list like this can be SO helpful, as it's not your mind holding you accountable, it's written down and it's much more tangible.

The checklist doesn’t have to be perfect. An example of what it could look like:

Meditate – this helps you to learn to trust yourself

Do your Most Important Task (MIT) - whatever this is for you, as usually there is almost one bigger task each day! Write it down and do it FIRST.

Eat several servings of greens

Floss – an overlooked basic health

Learn something new today

Cook a healthy dinner

Read my book

Give someone a compliment to someone every single day

Notice that social media, reading news, watching TV, checking email, browsing your favorite sites, sharing photos … none of these are on the list. Yes these will happen as it's more often than not a daily habit and/or part of our job. But if we focus on our list - then the time spent on these other things lessen. If you were to add up ALL the time you spent in a day on social media and simply 'browsing' the net what would your number be? Think of all of the other things you could get accomplished in that time. There would be no excuse to not work out, or cook a healthy meal or pick up a book...

Your checklist will change, evolve, so let it happen...

What's on your list?

Here is to a new + blooming week full of endless possibilities.

xo Lisa