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“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Howard Thurman.

Have you ever asked yourself this question? OR made a list of these things . . . I came across of few of these quotes yesterday, the one above & the one in the picture and it made me think. So I made a list. What better day than a fresh Monday morning to share. They are simple, yet meaningful to me & it's not an exhausted list, but just a few things that came to me. . .

-A really good thought or idea that makes me stop what I'm doing and write it down. That AHA moment.

-Music. Something I could not live without. Each melody and word makes me come alive.

-A quote that feeds my soul (I gather lots of love, inspiration & comfort from words).

-Being in nature, wherever that may be. A park, a forest, a beach, up in the air. Fresh air + a soft breeze makes my skin tingle with joy.

-Energy of truly being heard and seen. I value listening and empathy like no other, so when I feel someone is giving me their full attention my heart becomes alive.


-Reading + Books.

-Reflecting of one another's remarkableness wakes me up, lifts me up, and energizes and inspires me for days, weeks, months. . . I LOVE to celebrate other peoples greatness.

-Green Juice, obvious I know. But it gives me and my blood life. It's more than just a juice to me, it's life and has been a source of healing.

-Seeing a rainbow. I don't know what it is but every. single. time I see one, I'm in awe and get the BIGGEST smile on my face. Oh and don't even get my started on seeing double rainbows. . .

-Being afraid, deeply afraid, and taking action anyway with a good dose of hope and intuition.

-Moments of overwhelming gratitude

-Star gazing. . . the infinite wonders of the Universe.

-UNREAL conversations.

-Spontaneous dates with loved ones.


-Knowing that what I did or said helped a fellow human being. Whether that be a friend or stranger. There is NOT much more in life that makes me feel more alive, than h e l p i n g. It's at the core of my being and heart. It also doesn't have to be on a grande scale. Sometimes we don't realize that just a few words, a compliment a helping hand can change someones day + life.

-A kiss. One of those take my breath away kisses. . . I cherish those dearly and feel extremely enlivened.

-Walking in the grass barefoot. Earthing.

-Seeing Giraffe's. My spirit animal. I cried the first time I saw them!

-Movement, exercise + having the freedom to move my body.

-Meditation + moments of pure solitude.

-The sunrise + sunset.


-Being held.

-A fresh bouquet of white peonies + tulips + FLOWERS. Seeing such beauty come from the earth definitely makes my heart smile.

-Vegetables. Just the thought of them, but these are extra special as they ACTUALLY physiologically make you MORE alive.

-Taking care of someone. My nurturing heart will forever feel enlivened by showering people with my time, support, care, my spirit + LOVE.

-Endless summer walks to unknown destinations.

-Skydiving + Surfing. I have a bit of a wild side : )

-TIME with family, friends, lover (s), new pals, strangers . . . simply giving your time, listening, but also being heard. Human connection is a gift and I value + cherish every moment I spend in it. To give a piece of me, my thoughts, my experience, my words, my touch, and my heart truly enlivens me. If you are in my life I will give to you endlessly, because I care for you and love you. You make an impact on my life, and I hope to do the same for you.

Your turn . . . this is but a small list of what awakens + makes me come alive. But it's a starting point. Acknowledging gratitude and these things alone MAKE ME COME ALIVE.

Now go!

love & light

- xo Lisa