MAY 4TH. The NEW Mumford + Sons album comes out (this song was just released a few days ago!). I'm not sure if you guys are fans or not, but I adore their music. AND if you aren't fans . . . I just might convert you :) Their last album Babel + Sigh No More were a BIG part of my healing journey. . . as was music in general. To top it off when I was back in Edmonton healing, I got to see them in concert during a lower point in my journey and it was pure magic. I was with my cousin + brother whom I love dearly. I felt free, I felt the music move through my bones, my veins, my heart and my soul. I was encapsulated with love and joy, and never felt any pain in my body. Music, just like food, is a source of healing and inspiration for me. I felt compelled to share this today, so here she is. . .

Thoughts that arose as I listened to this on repeat, a multitude, aka a bajillion times . . .

Reach out to (your) people: smile at a stranger, be present for your lover, friends, family, call a friend and ask how they are going (and really mean it). Take a moment to just sit and be still, get off your phone, close your laptop, turn off the TV and really connect with your loved ones. Say ‘I love you’ every single day, MANY times, close your eyes and soak in the sun, laugh hysterically, LET GO of old thoughts, patterns, beliefs, dance your buns off and be a nice human (life is so much better that way), buy fresh flowers + plants, recognize what is RIGHT in front of you - what you are taking for granted someone will NEVER experience in their lifetime, relish in the beauty that surrounds you, say thank you over and over again, don't WAIT for the perfect time - it may never come - actually it won't ever come, be IN the moment, the grass is never greener on the other side - your life is a gift and you're LUCKY to be in it & living it. Open Up Your Eyes - Don’t fill those juicy moments of white space with mindless stuff or endless scrolling . . . Life’s too short, so please make sure you live it.

We are all in this together, never forget that. And remember: you simply being here is a pure miracle.

Love to you all on this beautiful Thursday!

BELIEVE that you are exactly where you need to be, right in this moment.

love & light


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