You can hate me if you want, but I love mornings, no actually I adore them. I know, I'm sorry, but it's honestly a big part of my lifestyle, routine and self, and thrive before the sun comes up. It's my favourite time of day, and most often than not I'm up before 5:30am with energy, vigour and a zest for life. They are a creative haven for me, and I love getting up with Mr. Sun and breathing in a state of gratitude for every single thing in my life.

The thing is I wasn't always like this, and when I was my sickest with Lyme Disease, I literally could not go to bed until 4am, so you best believe I wasn't getting up at five.  Please know this transition took time,  patience, mindful attention and checking in with what my body truly wanted, not just at bed time or in the morning, but actions and thoughts that took place during my waking hours. Just like healing takes time, sometimes, and most often than not months, and years, so does creating new habits and rituals. You can create new neural pathways and habits, but that's only if you want to change current behaviours and actions. You can't change something you don't want to,  as it takes lots of work to break habits, past believes and shift your state of mind and being! If you don't for see the benefits enriching your life, quite frankly you won't do the work to get there. 

Morning energy varies from one person to the next, but I truly do believe we should all be waking up with energy. There really is no reason why we shouldn't be, unless there are deeper, more intense healing conditions involved, which I fully understand first hand. Also to note about 15% of the population are of the wolf chronotype which means you're a night owl and actually thrive when the rest of the world sleeps, 'standing guard', and 'alert'. 

So how do you in still a little more glee into your AM? Focus on some of my glowing sleep + ritual tips below to not only get a good sleep, but inch your way to becoming more of a early riser - aka Lionness. 

Evening meal

This can go two ways. One: you’re not eating enough, or two: you’re eating too much before you go to bed. While eating a lighter evening meal makes it easier for our digestive system to close the day, we still need to ensure we obtain optimal nutrition to energize our body for rest. When we sleep our bodies have to maintain hundred of biochemical functions and processes and therefore require energy to do so. On the flip side, if we are eating too much, or heavier meals, in the evening and too close to bedtime our body is pushed to process too much at a time when it needs a rest. The solution? Aim for a balanced evening meal focusing on quality protein and vegetables, and allow your body to digest this for two to three hours before you rest.

Sleep hygiene

Is vital for quality rest. A dark room free of technological interference such as phones, computers and televisions and a wind-down ritual (reading a book instead of checking emails or social media just prior to bed, hard I know, but necessary) areV important elements for good sleep hygiene! They are hard to do in our day and age, and is something I'm working on constantly! Best course of action is to turn your phone on airplane mode at least an hour before you plan on going to bed.  I think it's ok to watch movies in bed sometimes as we're only human, but we run into trouble when it's a nightly ritual, instead of a fun treat. 




Morning routine If you’re starting your day exhausted and foggy there may be a few reasons for this, but in order to understand them you need to make some kind of change. Switch the coffee wake up call to a glass of filtered water first, then a cup of black or green tea, and stave coffee off until later in theAM, none of this 'But first coffee' talk going on! It's the worst thing to intake upon waking as it's acidic, and you wake up very acidic. Take a cold shower to awaken (something I've started to implement into my days, and boy is it jolting, yet highly invigorating). Or simply shift the way you think about waking each day. If there is something burdening you (work or emotional wellbeing), take a breath and set an intention for how you want to feel instead of allowing the thoughts to override your state. Our mind is the ever powerful Oz, it will 1000% dictate our physical state of health. 

Liver signs Puffy, dark under eyes, bloating, fogginess, lethargy and lack of clarity as you step into your day can be signs that your liver needs some love. While the liver is the body’s main detox organ and is always processing and eliminating environmental and endotoxins, we can offer our liver support by reducing the ingredients in parts of our lives that drag it down. Consider your intake of alcohol, dairy, sugar, wheat, nuts and processed food and the quantity and quality of cosmetics being used on your skin (Women use over 160 toxin chemicals A DAY if using conventional beauty products) if you have these symptoms.

Hydration Nature’s golden elixir – water – is by far one of the simplest ways to feel more refreshed when it’s time to rise. Focus your evening on herbal tea after dinner to hydrate and calm. And in the morning, flush the body with water to cleanse. Ensure your intake of water is frequent throughout the day to support the body’s natural elimination processes and you’ll feel the benefits instantly.

I know shifting (note: not completely changing) your circadian rhythm can be difficult, but it can lead to so many positive benefits body, mind and soul. Healing, changing, and shifting all take time, which is why it makes it oh so difficult. We're creatures of habit that want instant results, but it's not the way our bodies work. They are built to heal, but we usually stand in its way. Its what I work on with all my clients, the perception and expectation of how and when healing takes place. Most often than not it takes a lot longer than we (you) expect it to, but it's worth every single second and penny (my healing journey took a decade! 10 YEARS, I know that's on the extreme side of things, but it puts into perspective the work & energy that sometimes has to be put in, and never giving up or feeling hopeless).

For living a life in complete and optimal radiancy and health is absolutely priceless, and you're worthy of relishing in the most beautiful state of health and well-being. This is my goal for you. 

I hope this nuggets guide you wherever you are right now. 

If you're looking to delve deeper into your body, mind and soul, while using nutrition, food as medicine, advisory into your true innate self, and to take your healing to the next level, I would love to be there for you, and look forward to connecting over a session. I know this time can be very difficult to navigate, and I would be so honoured to be here for you. Ultimately we work with your bodies innate healing tools, and you're guided to a optimal state of existence, in body and mind. 

If you're uncertain what I'm about, you can see my book here! It's a intro into who I am, my healing journey, and how I practice.