F1030028-4-copy Happy Monday Y'all! I hope everyone had a b e a u t i u f u l weekend!

From reading my posts I'm sure you guys all know that I adore / love natural beauty and its corresponding products. The greener, more natural, short ingredient list the better. This wasn't an overnight switch for me, as before I got sick, I still used conventional, drugstore products, EHM I'm talking about you Cetaphil, which I held on tightly for over a decade. But as I learned more about the toxic load on my body, and most notably our largest organ: THE SKIN, I slowly started to make the switch over to organic, natural, green beauty products. We sometimes forget HOW porous our skin actually is, and that EVERYTHING we put on top of our skin (deodorant, moisturizer, body wash) inevitably goes into our blood and lympth fluids, and any corresponding toxins must be excreted by the liver and kidneys (they are already working overtime!) which therefore creates a toxic overload / burden. Long story short, I'm NO purist in anyways, but I'm happy to say that most, if not all of my products fall under the category of 100% botanical, natural, green and organic.

Today though I don't want to talk about the products that I put onto my skin, but the habits + things you can do EVERY day to help keep your skin glowing + clear (with my hormones, thyroid, lymes disease) this was a HUGE uphill battle for me. I experienced cystic acne, countless flare ups, and scarring which thank goodness did not stick around due to tender love and care from whole foods + natural products. In any case, there are things we can all do every day to keep us free and clear, for the most part . . . apart from those monthly flare us that are VERY hard to escape.


1) Wash your bedding + pillow cases often - Once a week for sure, twice if you can! The bacteria that builds up from unwashed hair, daily grime, natural oils from the hair and face can wreak havoc on our skin. It's a good practice to get into, and who doesn't love freshly. washed. sheets. One of my simple pleasures!

2) Avoiding long, hot daily showers - When we are exposed to hot water for a long period of time, our skin will dry out, and any skin condition you do you (eczema, psoriasis, acne, breakouts) will be exacerbated to the max. Hot water, and especially h a r d shower water is extremely hard on our epidermis. Be mindful of how often, and how long your showers are. Turn down the heat, and replace your shower add that has a filter in it! (I've heard it makes a HUGE difference in your skin, and all over health). I have YET to do this, but it's on my list. If I take such good care of the water I put inside my body, than the shower/water that I bathe with should be the same.

3) Ladies, clean your makeup brushes often - I don't use or own brushes as my makeup comes in a pot, RMS Un-Cover Up, which my fingers are used for application. But I know many people use brushes! Even after one application oils, and bacteria can build. Wash them with Dr. Bronners soap at least once-twice a week.

4) Hands OFF- This one is a hard one for some! We become so unconscious of what we are doing with / placing our hands sometimes, that our dirty hands get all over our face. Resting, leaning, and chatting on our phones are MAJOR culprits for breakouts. Be mindful of how often / if you are touching your face often throughout the day.

5) Don't pick - I knoooooow this is a hard one for many, especially those of us who deal with flare-ups (white heads). It is EXTREMELY tempting to pick, squeeze and pop our pimples, and I have to admit I'm guilty of this. BUT at the end of the day it will ONLY. MAKE. IT. WORSE. It is much easier to cover a pimple, than it is a scab/scar. Trust me on this! It is something I'm working on myself. I've read that putting lavender oil + a bandaid on top of pimples works wonders via THIS article which is brilliant. What I find helps is just not looking in the mirror :)

6) RELAX your face - Squinting, frowning, raised eye brows, scowling, all of these create pronounced / deep wrinkles! Remember when your parents used to say, if you keep doing that face, it will stay they way? THEY WERE 100% Right!!! You can see in people who squint lots or furrow there brows, pronounced lines STAY. I used to furrow when I was deep in thoughts, and stopped the habit about 6 years ago, and became very mindful about it. This going back to complete and overall mindfulness of your body and mind. Just as your aware of your thoughts, be aware of your body - posture, hands, face, etc . . . Don't be fanatical about it, because that's not cool either, but just R E L A X and fall into a more peaceful resting state.

7) Be mindful of your sodium intake - After I cut salt out of my diet, I use Himalayan Salt on occasion, but quite rarely, as spices serve all the purpose of salt for me! I noticed a huge difference in my skin - more glow, not as puffy, clearer eyes, less pronounced circles under my eyes. Salt creates fluid retention, which in turn creates puffy eyes, and a bloated face. Actually after I eliminated salt, people thought I had lost weight (I actually had gained 15 pounds due to my thyroid!) it was simply the elimination of added salt.

Using a million products, and ones that cost $$$$ will never truly give us the benefits that we promise. It's all about creating, healthy habits in our overall health. LOTS of pure water, green smoothies and juices, hydrating fruits and veggies, lots of healthy fats, making sure we're getting our full range of B vitamines, adequate amounts of protein, vitamin D, sweating, moving our bodies, sunshine, nature, MINDFUL practices and using clean, simple and natural products that work for your skin type.

Do you guys have any further skin tips or secrets you would like to share?

Have a beautiful start to your week!

love & light