So I completed my 3rd fast this past Sunday, and although it was A M A Z I N G (I felt unreal the next day), it was the hardest one to date. I was on my feet for over 9 hours, and very busy. It was a REALLY good test + learning lesson for myself & my bod. Although I pushed through, I don't think it was as effective, because my body + mind didn't have enough time + clarity to rest, relax, replenish + rejuvenate.

That being said it was still a beautiful fast (I'm sure some of you still probably think I'm crazy). Again this might not be for everyone! I've experienced many, many years of alternative healing techniques, have tried copious amounts of diets / lifestyles and have found what works for me on a day to day basis I.E. - green juices, smoothies, lemon water, probiotics, a tailored supplement regime, daily workout ( ballet beautiful - see HERE + HERE for more!), positive affirmations, dry body brushing, epsom baths, plant- based diet + low in sugar . . .etc. These are just a few things that work for me and my body, and keep me thriving, glowing + healing everyday! Fasting is now a weekly part of these, and I'm already feeling the benefits. I just want to emphasize that we ALL have different bodies + needs! What works for me, might not work for you. BUT what I do encourage is stepping outside of your comfort zone, trying new things + testing your body and mind.

Here is my breaking the fast smoothie that I made yesterday!


- cup water -1/2 cup coconut water - 1 zucchini -half cucumber -3 stalks celery -2 stalks kale -1.5 pears - 1/2 cup frozen blueberries -1 TBSP chia seeds -1 TBSP flax -1 tsp maca -1 tsp Vitamineral greens - sprinkle cinnamon

Blend on high + sprinkle with Bee Pollen (super high in B vitamins + Hemp seeds (complete protein!).

Hope everyone is having a stellar + beautiful week so far. It's feeling like S P R I N G in Toronto, and the blooms are only weeks away. . . .

love & light