PicMonkey Collage8 Hi Beautiful Souls!

I've been thinking a lot about how I want to continue posting on here and I incessantly go back and forth. . .

More consistent posts more often (daily / 4x a week) ? OR Longer more in depth posts once/twice a week ? I lead a very love filled and busy life, with big dreams and goals and want to continue to grow and create this space here, to share all that I learn and love with the rest of the world (Or as far reaching as I can be!).

So I would L O V E to hear from you guys - what do you want to see from me? I'm leaning more to the former, as it will allow me to post more often, just in smaller nuggets. Daily inspirations, recipes, quotes, new products I'm loving, nutritional facts . . . and save the longer writing for articles that I can submit to magazines and publications?

In any case, you can tell simply by this post that my brain is flopping from one side to the other.

I would love your thoughts, wisdom, ideas + what you want to see from ME? Because ultimately I do this all for you guys, and to share light, love and my heart.

Sorry for being a tad MIA! With the move, being out of town, being confused on how I want to continue and simply living & loving L I F E, I haven't been showing up here on the regular, which is something I want to change.

Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend.

love & light


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