6360002f617f2d0fa47ee96bd5f6f4ed On this day of Remembrance I wanted to share this video with you.

To say I was moved by this video is an understatement. THIS is exactly what I feel my purpose in life is. To show E V E R Y human being that they have the potential to be do and be anything that they want. We ALL have the tools within ourselves to live our optimal life. I see this often with my clients, that a little change in their wardrobe can change their lives! They have more confidence, drive, purpose, body acceptance...

Beauty will A L W A Y S stem from within, always. But we do have to get dressed every morning so wearing clothes that make you feel confident, alive and that fit with who you are on the I N S I D E can change your life.

Sometimes life can throw us some pretty hard & crazy curveballs, and we all face them. Not one of us goes through life seamlessly, and to be honest if we did how boring would it be? But how do you handle these moments in the valley... I feel like that is the true test. Do you succumb to pressures, substances, addictions? OR do you make the choice to see this as a learning tool, a lesson, a gift, a blessing in disguise? There are 2 roads to take, and which one we choose can be a life or death choice.

In any case, I HAD to share this video with you and the Organization Degage Ministries which is doing unbelievable good in this world. We can change lives one person at a time. Never forget the impact your actions can have.

How many of you know a Jim? We all do... we see him on the street daily. Yes sometimes they might be there by choice, but often they just can't get out of a bad cycle. They have no support. no family. no money and all they know and what keeps them comfort is their addictions. BUT what if they were given the chance like Jim? Being shown that who they are on the inside is just as beautiful as who they are on the outside. Sometimes they just need a break. So I ask you to lend a hand in whatever way that might be for you - a smile, simply saying hello and wishing them well, giving them a hot coffee, a meal, whatever it is just recognize that they are E V E R Y bit of a human as you are. They just got stuck in some bad circumstances, and didn't make the right choice. But it doesn't mean that they don't deserve to live a life full of joy and abundance.

WATCH the video

Watch the video again and witness his eyes - from lost to showing pride. A little act, can sometimes change a life.

Have a wonderful day off if this is a holiday for you, and take a moment of silence to remember all the Veterans that paved the way for us, and all of the Veterans alive today. . .

- Lisa xo