Happy Friday Y'all.

'Working for the weekend' NAH I want each and everyday to be filled with love and passion for what I do for work. They say if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life! My motto for sure.

I hope this weekend brings you relaxation, laughter, joy, friendships, love, cuddles, sun and whatever else your heart desires.

Now to get you through the weekend I wanted to share with you 5 COOL THINGS I'm lovin' lovin

1. BALLET BEAUTIFUL BOOK : I know I've spoken about this workout before, but dang is it ever amazing. For an ex-ballerina it's not only challenging, but it WORKS! I have the two DVD'S and just ordered the book as I can't get enough of MHB. She is as sweet as a peach, and is so eloquent throughout the most grueling repetitions. If you're looking for a ballet bod + butt this is calling your name


2. STELLA MCCARTNEY KNICKERS : Add in SM who is not only a top designer, but a vegan and therefore all of her collections are animal and cruelty free - NOTHING could be better. Then top it off with my biggest guilty pleasures and really the only thing I compulsively purchase - underwear/lingerie. This day of the week underwear brings me back to my childhood where I had these in little, non sexy, panty form. Nostalgia at its finest.


3. NIKE SKY HIGH DUNKS : I'm still a tom boy at heart and Nike will a l w a y s be my choice of runner. I've dabbled with adidas, but have always come back to the swoosh. I have free's for the gym, but these babes would be perfect for day time errands + dinners outs.


4. ANINE BING GOLD CROSS EARRINGS : I'm not a big earring wearer at all, but for these reason I dig these. You could simply wear jeans, black flats, a white tee and these beauties. Simple is my middle name.


5. ANTIDOTE XOCHIPILLI RAW CHOCOLATE: AKA the best chocolate in the world ! I first had this in NYC when I was lucky enough to meet its creator - a beautiful woman named Red. She shared her heart and soul with myself and a few of my best buds and we were hoooooked. It is mind blowing amazing. This is my favorite flavor, but check out these as well...flavors your brain can't even imagine.


love & light

xo Lisa