d3adc7c9fbfad2858a18350660b8c54a HELLO Beautiful Souls.

I've returned from my trip to Edmonton and from the Mountains. Upon reflection of this week away, I keep on coming back to two words : PERFECTION + BLISS. I don't like using the word perfect, as nothing truly is, but this trip was everything + more...and my heart is content with the chosen words. I will do a post on it SOON! (promise).

Coming back to Toronto there seems to be a shift in attitude + the air...do you feel it?

New Seasons always have me thinking about new visions, directions, goals and anything and eveything in-between.

I've never truly believed in New Year’s resolutions, because I think we should be working on self-improvement, happiness and overall life satisfaction on a daily basis, rather than on some arbitrary date.

BUT I do find myself doing 'seasonal' check-ins and daily basis mini-resolutions, which I want to share with you how and what I try to do every. single. day

1. Open your heart.

Don’t let life make you cold and negative. Remember that to truly enjoy life you have to be open to the reality that sometimes it hurts too. Keep opening your heart to love, it's how I wake up every day. Open mind, open heart. Ready to give, give and give more.

2.Give sincere compliments.

I believe our society is so critical that people often don’t even know how to receive compliments. (I'm very, very guilty of this! Don't try to give me a compliment ;) jk, I've been practicing how to receive as it's just as important as the compliment itself). I’m not suggesting you go around throwing out so many compliments that they become meaningless, but sometimes letting someone know that you notice them in a positive way is exactly what that person needed—and that positivity will come back to you, and will have a ripple affect around you...

3. Put effort into life.

People think they’re owed success or happiness. Guess what? You’re not. Happiness is a CHOICE. The reality is that life isn’t fair; happiness often takes working at having a positive outlook and mindset and worthwhile success comes from effort. However, I truly believe that God, the universe, or whatever you believe in, helps people that help themselves. Period.

4.Be honest, but not hurtful.

Honesty should be your only policy, but not when this honesty serves to make you feel better while hurting someone else. Learn when to be open and forthright. When your foundation is based on love, honesty will always be the best option.

5. Sing.

Yes, sing. Singing clears our energy and brings lightness to our hearts. It really doesn’t matter if you’re a good singer (I'M NOT!!! But sing along with songs allll the time). Just close the door, turn on your favorite song and belt out a tune—I promise you’ll feel invigorated. The tune I'm listening to right now

6. Play.

Every single day you should be doing something F U N . Even if you have the craziest day at work or your kids are sick, there’s ALWAYS one minute to joke and laugh with your spouse, and lover, to read a few pages of an inspiring book or to simply PLAY. Even making dinner can be enjoyable—if you have the right attitude. I laugh so much on a daily basis, and a lot of the times it's at myself or just thinking about something funny. Get back to your inner child. An average adult laughs 4 times a day, where a child laughs over 200...we must change this!

7. Drink water.

I love water— a lot. If you don’t like water, drink it anyway!

8. Quit reading the news.

I’m certainly not saying that we should become uneducated drones, but how often do you read unnecessarily damaging headlines—about depressing things that you can’t change or that don’t really affect you—and you feel not so nice afterwards? Stop. (I learned this from my brother, he refuses to read/watch the news). Put down your phone or the TV remote and, I don’t know, sing a song + dance instead.

9. Hug.

Hugging is so underrated. Hugs help you become happy and relaxed almost instantly. Too often the people that we love become ordinary faces that we don’t spend enough time loving in basic human ways, like hugging.


Almost every day presents us with challenging people or situations. These people and opportunities are put in our way because they serve to make us better people—if we allow it. So stop carrying old baggage around, and open yourself to the notion that every minute provides you the chance to start again—regardless of the date. Let yourself move forward—without the weight of burdens that don’t serve your best self, because that's what life is about!

11. Eat Yo' Greens.

Kale. Romaine. Sprouts. Swiss Chard. Peas. Spinach. Parsley. Cilantro...Juice, blend, chop, munch, whatever you do just eat copious amounts daily. All of the above will be easier, and that's a fact.

I believe that every day can bring us closer to our highest, happiest selves. Every single day is a new opportunity to grow, change, help, give and open your heart.

Everything you want is in your reach. Of course everyday you will be met with challenges and sacrifices will be inevitable, but when you CHOOSE happiness and love, those will all be conquered, crushed and transformed in ways you never thought possible.

love & light