Tis the season to eat more raw veggies, hydrate with copious amounts of H20, get outside to soak up Vitamin D AND detox. We've all heard of juice cleanses, The Master Cleanse, All liquid cleanses, raw food detoxes, while these are all viable and effective options SHORT term (some should only healthfully be done over a span of 1-3 days). Ultimately our bodies require whole foods to sustain L I F E, and a balance of protein, carbs and healthy fats. We can't outsmart our bodies, they know whats up. Whenever anything drastic is done to it, it can rebel and the after affects of any cleanse or restrictive diet (cutting out certain macronutrients) will only cause more harm in the future (hello weight gain!). Which is why I adore eating naturally detoxifying foods daily. . . if you're feeling a littler sluggish, are experiencing fatigue, headaches, breakouts, than adding these beautiful foods into your lifestyle will help immensely.

Beetroot You can't beat beets! Beets are full of vitamins B3, B6, C and beta-carotene. They're also a valuable source of iron, magnesium, zinc and calcium -- all necessary to promote optimal detoxification and elimination (if you enjoy your alcoholic beverages eat your BEETS yo! Alcohol causes major liver stress). Beets also support good gallbladder and liver health -- organs that are paramount for breaking down and removing toxins. The high amount of fibre in beetroot improves digestion and helps eliminate bodily waste...beautifully. Proper and healthy waste elimination is critical to a healthy life and body.

Sea Vegetables Often known as seaweeds, these amazing foods house powerful antioxidants that help to alkalize the blood and strengthen the digestive tract. The algin in seaweeds absorb toxins from the digestive tract in much the same way a water softener removes the hardness from tap water. Sea vegetables offer the broadest range of minerals of any food, containing virtually all the minerals found in the ocean -- the same minerals that are found in human blood. Dulse + kelp noodles/flakes are my personal favs!

Dandelions Not the yellow dandelions that become pests in your yards! Dandelions are considered a powerhouse food full of nutrients that are essential for anyone regularly eating the "Standard American Diet" (SAD). They're a rich source of minerals and provide a variety of phytonutrients. They're super antioxidants that support cleansing of the digestive tract and offer great liver support (again if you have a toxic liver from alcohol, SAD diet, smoking, toxic environments drink Dandelion Tea + Juice it + Try adding dandelion leaves to your salad. (warning: they can be bitttttter BUT anything bitter is a lover for your liver!)

Broccoli Sprouts Broccoli is part of the powerhouse brassica family of vegetables. Broccoli contains important phytochemicals that are released when they're chopped, chewed, fermented, cooked or digested. Broccoli sprouts can actually provide more benefit than regular broccoli as they contain 20 times more sulfurophane. I love, love, love sprouts and add them to all my salads. They are probably one of my favorite foods in the entire world, especially sunflower sprouts, which are one of the HEALTHIEST foods on the planet.

Flaxseed One of my favourite "superfoods," flaxseeds serve many purposes. When detoxifying your body, it's essential to ensure toxins are eliminated properly. Ground flaxseeds provide a wonderful source of fibre that helps to bind and flush toxins from the intestinal tract. They're also a great source of health promoting omega 3 oils. Try consuming two tablespoons of ground flaxseeds in lemon water every morning or in your smoothies!

Lemons Who doesn't love lemon? This wonderful fruit stimulates the release of enzymes and helps convert toxins into a water-soluble form that can be easily excreted from the body. Drinking lemon water, which is alkaline-forming, first thing in the morning will help to balance out the acidity of foods we've consumed. For my clients this is often my number one health tip, so extremely simple, but so beneficial. (Don't forget to add your ground flaxseeds to enhance toxin removal.)

Garlic No detox plan should be without some garlic: It's a powerful antiviral, antiseptic and antibiotic. Ridding your body of these pathogenic microbes can reduce endogenous (made by your body) toxins. The vital sulphuric compounds garlic contains makes it an essential detoxifier.

Artichoke When was the last time you had an artichoke? They are not only a very tasty food, they're also incredibly healthy. Artichokes have been shown to increase bile production and purify/protect the liver. They also have a mild diuretic effect on the kidneys, ensuring proper removal of toxins once the liver breaks them down. I enjoy making them into a dip or simply roasting them and adding them to a salad.

Tumeric I LOVE this spice! Curcumin is the active ingredient in the spice turmeric, which gives it its yellow color. The rate at which your detox pathways function depends on your genes, your age, lifestyle and a good supply of nutrients involved in the detox process. Curcumin is used a lot in Ayurvedic Medicine to treat liver and digestive disorders. I use it in salad dressings, roasting veggies (with coconut oil - more so in the winter) and my beloved manuka honey face mask.

Apples Apples are full of wonderful nutrients. You get fibre, vitamins, minerals and many beneficial phytochemicals. All of these substances are used in the detox process. They are also a good source of the soluble fibre pectin, which can help detox metals and food additives from your body. MOST IMPORTANT POINT: It's best to eat ONLY organic apples as the non-organic varieties are among the top 12 foods that've been found to contain the most pesticide residues every single year. They TOP the dirty dozen every single time (Apples from around the country, domestically grown and imported, were found to have up to 48 different kinds of pesticides on them!!!). If you buy nothing else organic, buy organic apples!

Get your detox on.

love & light