68a7a4f72b0995b840f67ff0dd831608 These are not my food rules per say, as I don't believe in following a n y rules. We were all created unique, and therefore breathe, function and operate differently. And that is beautiful. Therefore these are just some of my guidelines for h e l p i n g you achieve greater and more nourishing health, especially if you struggle with cravings, emotional eating + un-mindfulness.

Oh, and 'The GLOW' will simply come as a bonus.

1. If you’re dining alone you must eat with ZERO distractions. Turn away from your computer, close the magazine. You may look out the window and listen to music, but do whatever you have to do to enjoy your breakfast, lunch, dinner or even just a snack in peace. I know, it’s boring. You may want to cry. It just feels so lonely! But it also feels great to learn when you’re full and to be able to end your meal at exactly that time, which will never happen if you’re not 100% in your body while it’s eating. Of all the food rules, this is one is the hardest (that’s why I got it out of the way first!), but it’s also EVERYTHING. But please don’t stress if you’re not able to do this for all your meals. . . It teaches you a whole LOT about your body, mind and what exactly food is. NOURISHMENT.

2. Tea is your new best friend. Herbal tea, that is. Ginger will help with digestion, nettle is good for digestion, green tea gives you energy and will clear your mind. But mainly, as you try to become your healthiest you it can takes a while to calm the cravings, which are usually based in the need for a calming moment. That’s why I call a tea a hug in a mug.

3. Breathe. Half the time this is the answer to stopping cravings and getting back in the moment. Breathe DEEPLY. None of us do it enough.

Breathing will help:

-energize you -lift your spirits -keep you from making less than stellar decisions (in food and life) -help you feel connected to something bigger than you -calm you down -make you a happier, shinier and more likable person (promise)

4. Eat greens until they’re coming out of your ears and mix them up . I can already hear you…but I have a salad for lunch and a green with dinner most days (and if you do, that’s already awesome)! Well, I want you to have more. Find a way to get them in your breakfast, lunch and dinner. And I’m not just talking kale smoothies. I mean mustard greens, dandelion, sprouts, purslane, bok choi EVERYTHING GREEN. Don’t know what to do with them? Shred them and have them raw with a simple dressing massaged in or steam or sauté them with olive oil, garlic and lemon.

5. Healthy fats are your friend. Avocados, nuts and seeds (small amounts, like way smaller than you think), coconuts, should be welcomed onto your plate on a daily basis. Don't fear the fat. You and your new glowing skin will thank you too. Just be mindful, as even too much healthy fats can be a not so good thing (NOT the worst thing you could be eating - - -> i.e french fries!) Just remember to keep things balanced.

6. Chew your food until it’s liquid. I know this sounds like pure insanity but trust me, contrary to popular belief, your stomach does not have teeth. Half the time pesky digestive issues (bloating, less than frequent pooping, etc) can be solved by chewing more. And you don’t have to sit there counting. Until liquid is good/great enough.

7. Start your day with a prayer or blessing and end your day with a prayer or blessing. Not into the spiritual thing? Don't consider it spiritual. Giving thanks is giving thanks, gratitude should be practiced by everyone. It’s been proven that individuals with a spiritual practice of any kind (concentrating on your breathing is already a spiritual practice by the way) are happier, healthier and most likely to be living in the body they desire. It can be something as simple as; “Thank you for today.” and "Thank you for my body which is able to move, sweat, breathe and enjoy the simple things in life".

8. Smaller plates, smaller forks, smaller everything. This switch can sometimes be the easiest rule to follow because all you need to do for this one is swap out a physical item. You don't have to eat of child plates, but plates now a days are e n o r m o u s. Be conscious of the size, so you can still enjoy good portion sizes.

9. This is your life and it’s not meant to be painful, restrictive, unpleasant or unfun (not truly a word, but I like it), but it’s also important to remember that as human beings, we do better with accountability, support, love and goals. So keep it real. I am here for you, yes, but most importantly, you are here for you. ONLY YOU can change old habits, beliefs and get the b o d y YOU desire. It is achievable, a n y t h i n g is.

10. Dance, sing, move, sweat, walk, run, skip, jump. These are all FREE. Get your body moving. A body moving forward in life, is a human achieving g r e a t things. You never want to become stagnant or stale. Keep it moving beautiful.

11. Don't eat TOO late at night! Your body doesn't truly 'know' time. But you m u s t give your digestion a break at night. If you eat right before bed, even an hour before. Your food will STILL be digesting when you sleep, instead of replenishing, rejuvenating and healing. Try to your dinner 2-3 hours before bed. If this is not possible, keep it light (raw veggies, salads, lightly steamed veg or fruit as they all take a short time to digest)

12. LAUGH + SLEEP. They can cure just about anything!

Happy new week loves.

love & light