I have some news to share.

Not only am I enrolled in Marie Forleo's insanely amazing B-School (online business school that is unrivaled), but I am now studying to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach (!)

As you can tell nutrition/health/wellness/raw foods and all that jazz is a complete and utter passion of mine. I wasn't always this way, growing up I almost got diabetes from my candy addiction, well not that serious, but I was one swedish fish away from something occurring. Luckily I was active beyond belief, and it never truly did any known damage to my system (my obsession with green veggies balanced it out!).

The nutrition bug didn't hit until I was living in South Africa, while there I actually went full fledge vegan for 6 years (I am not vegan anymore, eating wild caught fish and sometimes some organic free range eggs), for many reasons but honestly it was mainly out of intuition and the reading I had begun to do because of this 'feeling' in my stomach. Something in my body was telling me this was the right thing to do, so I went with it. Looking back it was the smartest thing I could of done...

Without sharing too much (yet), those last 6 years leading up to now have been INSANE. Full of doctor visits, specialists (neurosurgeons, neurologists, cardiologists, MRI's, scans, bloods, X-rays, etc), you name it...Long story short I was a HOUSE patient. No one could figure out what was wrong with me...Everyone kept on telling me it was in my head and that I was fine. When deep, deep down I knew it wasn't so. My inner intuition and gut couldn't let this go. I had a scroll of symptoms that ranged from the most obscure neurological ones to the most random things occurring, that you would probably giggle at. At the end of the day I knew I had to fight for my health and for answers During all my doctor visits, and tests throughout the years I took the one thing I knew I could control which was WHAT I was putting in my body - we truly, truly are what we eat guys. You might not see it now, but our bodies will eventually break down and tell us they are not happy. So I read and researched what I could do on a nutritional aspect feverishly. A spark had lit within me, and I believe to this day it was my diet that saved my life and it's what's keeping me so healthy despite my diagnosis. Which I did finally receive AFTER I literally fought for the tests to be taken (sent to the states) because when I figured out it might be this certain 'illness' my gut instantly said this is it. Sure enough in December ALL tests came back positive and from what my tests had shown I should of been MUCH, MUCH worse then I was. Without going into too much detail it is considered a chronic illness, BUT I refuse to believe it...refuse. I actually don't believe it is. Knowing what I know now about diet, nutrition, healing, raw foods, I KNOW my body can and will HEAL ITSELF. I was/am doing so well because of FOOD! Because of my juices, love of raw foods, real food, nothing processed, no gluten/wheat/dairy. Let food be they medicine, couldn't be more true and is something I not only believe, but something I live each day.

So with that being said, my choice to study further and be certified in Holistic coaching was a no brainer. I want to help others with my whole heart and soul, and if I can change someones life through the power of food, then my purpose is complete.

I will be tying my two businesses together, and have a plan for that, but will share more as it comes to fruition...I couldn't be more filled with clarity + passion.

Without making this longer than it already is, I just wanted to share a bit of my heart, my story and the why behind it all. Honestly, each word, recipe, post is coming from a place of true genuine love. I want to help in anyway I can. If it is with a smile, a quote or a new nutrition powerhouse. My job is done.

With that being said I truly want to thank EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON that reads this. I appreciate it more than you know.

It is my passion and purpose to help others, and through this blog and my business I am able to touch lives globally. So thank you.

I feel like being diagnosed with this has been the biggest blessing, because I have grown leaps and bounds. I also am looking at it as - 'What is the good in this'?, 'What is it teaching me?', 'How can I use my story and pain to help others thrive and survive'? I will never say 'why me' or feel sorry for myself! Each day is a new day and is a blessing and when your mind is healthy and positive, then your body will ALWAYS fall into place. Get your mind in gear, and you are set.

Sorry for such a long post, and for not going into 'too much' detail. I feel like the other stuff is insignificant, because the word and title doesn't define me and doesn't have a place in my life. Yes I technically have 'this', but that is where it ends. I am healing and that is all that matters.

Thanks again guys for allowing me to be authentic and be open. Sending love always.

Have the most INCREDIBLE start to your week. CHOOSE to be positive and spread love.