aninestyle HOW is it almost A U G U S T already? Did the summer fly by for everyone . . .? It sure did for me.

Luckily we still have one more month of 'official' summer, yet I still think that Sept, October & November will be pleasant in Toronto. That's besides the point, we have to soak up these next 6 weeks with fearless, gleeful and joyful summer abandon.

August is a very, veeeeery exciting month for me ! I'm going home to Edmonton for a week, as my brother, and my already sister (she has been since day one, Love you Karen!), are getting married. I haven't seen my family since Sept. 1st 2013, therefore this trip is long overdue. In addition, I will be embarking on an adventure (aka a road trip) through the rockies (Banff ---> Jasper) with my love, where we will tent for accommodations, delve into the crystal clear lakes of Alberta, and star gaze to our hearts content. Once back from this magical mini vacation, I will be moving to a new apartment for the start of Fall. LOTS of newness, excitement + new chapters being written of a book that will only get better and better as time goes on. . . because that's life. The choice has been made to live and dream big, to help, manifest and LOVE deeply and fully.

All this to say, I COMPLETELY when on a tangent, as my main purpose for this post was to share what styles are inspiring me for the month of August, is that this month embodies lightness. . . lightness of the soul, mind, body and outward manifestation of our inward selves. As that's what I believe style to be. We don't have to feel guilty for wanting to look and feel G R E A T, because when we show up for ourselves and others we are saying something. What you wear allows your insides to shine from the inside out; it’s all about how it makes you feel. When you feel good about your life, how you look, you project energy out into the world, and that energy is reflected back upon you. It is a beautiful cycle.

Well beautiful souls, I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Let's all embrace the present moment, and soak up these next 6 weeks of pure j o y.

LOTS of exciting things happening come the FALL. . . a new retreat (location to be revealed soon), business venture with my soul sister + lots lots more to come. I can feel the energy in the air, it's going to be a good, good rest of the year.

love & light