The seasons are changing...

Summer is coming to an end, although it couldn't be further from the truth here in Toronto! We've been hitting +30 every single day, with 'feels like' temps overing around +38. It's scorching here, but I know people are soaking up the last little bits of intense heat, as Fall is just around the corner. I'm probably the only person craving cooler temps and a season change. Don't get me wrong, I love summer, but the intense and non-escapable humidity is what gets to me. My dosha is 10000% Pitta (fire) which means excessive heat can really get to me, unless I'm by water, in nature, and the humidity isn't that of a tropical rainforest, but in a big city. Alas I've made it through the summer, and I'm someone that truly doesn't complain about the weather. All of this to say I'm happy fall is coming...

With any change of season we tend to shift things a little. Perspective, eating habits and patterns (BBQ & Beers aren't the norm or temptation any longer), and we naturally crave more comforts.

I wanted to share some shifts that I will be making this September. Oh how I love the fall! I'm also born during this beautiful season, so I find simple comfort in observing the changes and feeling the crisp air on my skin. \

Do you share my sentiments? Or are you mourning the end of summer?

Maybe these small shifts will help you see some light in the new season.

1. Leather jackets and fall sweaters. I ADORE slipping on a pair of jeans, either a loose T or tank and tossing on my leather jacket, a chunky knit, grabbing a book & paper and hitting our local cafe with the crisp breeze caressing our faces.

2. TEA. I do still drink tea in the summer, but rarely find myself having a cup of tea before bed. Now with the cooler temps I pine to come in from the cold, brew a cup of tea, cuddle, read, and chat the night away!

3. HOT baths. Again I still bathe all the time in the summer but they are of short duration, not as hot, and not as frequent as in the cooler months. I could stay in the bath for a very long time with candles, epsom salts, coconut oil and essential oils. This is heaven to me.

4. Better sleeps. I sleep much better when it's cooler! We do have central air in our place but it's not always on, and I find the comforter much more comforting in fall & winter.

5. Soups, curries, roasted veggies. Soups and curries do not make the cut in the summer! I very rarely cook soups, or really warm dishes during the hot summer nights. I naturally crave salads, cold foods, raw veggies and lightly steamed veggies and fish.

6. Devouring more books. So the thing is I really love to read, but I can find myself too distracted by writing and researching on my computer, and too much screen time. The cooler seasons allow for more book time. I'm really looking forward to this and am making a conscious effort to dive into more and different literature. Further I usually stick to books where I 'HAVE' to learn something, instead of sometimes just reading fiction for the beauty of it. I have a couple on my list that I want to read this winter!

7. Switching up my skincare routine. I will always have my mainstays that remain constant regardless of the season such as my rosewater spray, Josie Maran SPF 47, and serum. Things I do switch up are adding more natural oils to my regime, more facial massage, hydrating masks, eye cream (I never wear it in the summer as my skin is naturally oily), and more exfoliation (caution: find what works best for you and exfoliation. My skin handles it very well and I can do it every second to third day, while some can only handle once a week exfoliation).

8. Hot Yoga. This is bliss to me! Wake up before the sun, stumbling to get my yoga clothes on, bundling up and walking to the yoga studio near by. Relishing in the warm studio, the vibrating energy, the movement, the music. I love it all. I've committed to incorporate hot yoga at least 2-3 times a week this winter.

9. Dinner Parties. Something about the fall welcomes more nights in, and with that more dinner parties! I love hostessing such events. Nothing beats wholesome food, good friends, laughs, music and LOVE.

10. Change of produce. Hello root veggies, less fruit ( I tend to go overboard during the summer months, for real), roasted veggies in coconut oil, soups with a whole different host of veggies, and simply more comforts. I also indulge in a tad more raw chocolate come this season. It's so nourishing, warming and soulful.

11. Being in the now. We cannot change the weather, the shift of seasons and the change that takes place around us. But we can shift our perspective, attitude and how we treat ourselves and others. Being in the now, not worrying about yesterday or what tomorrow holds but simply enjoying all that you have in this moment! It's all we have and all we can do to move forward. The shift of seasons is the perfect time to ground (eat more root veg!), manifest, journal and get back into the practices you have maybe let slide this summer season. It's about loving everything and everyone.

What are you looking forward to during this shift of seasons?

Happy Long Weekend!



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