PicMonkey Collage Easy like a Saturday Morning . . .

I have to be honest I'm not one of those people who "live" for the weekends. If you do then that is wonderful!! Honestly, I do not pass judgement on anything, if it works for you then it works for me.

After being quite ill for many years, I just have a completely different view on things + l i f e. To me every day, and moment is amazing, full of love + I try to live it to the fullest. Mondays are no different than Saturdays, than Wednesdays. I love them all. I might sound crazy, but it's the honest truth. I don't live for vacations or weekends or the next big thing. I've learned to celebrate and express gratitude for each moment, even the smallest and most minuscule of moments, i.e. waking up next to my love, sipping a green juice, taking a bath + being able to move my body as I please. If I have my health, my love (s), and am serving others I am h a p p y. The rest is just a BONUS! Don't get me wrong I'm very, very, very excited to plan the next getaway, but the here, right now is JUST AS GOOD!

Here are a few other things I love to celebrate // do on the weekdays, weekends + every other moment in between

- Farmers Market Saturday mornings with my partner

- Coffee dates

- making green juices + smoothies

- buying (+reading) books

- solid + meaningful + love filled chats that fuel my soul

- baking banana bread

- writing this blog! Working on my e-book (!!!!)

- drinking green tea

- ballet beautiful - ing ( I know I wax poetic about this workout! But I love it & it's changed my body + way I feel about it)

- buying fresh flowers + plants for our place

- having phone chats with family + friends (working on eliminating texting!)

- shopping for organic fruits + veggies

- making nourishing + wholesome meals for my love (s)

- BATHS! Love them. Add epsom salts + lavender + coconut oil

- walking around the city

- dreaming of future travels + adventures (places I want to visit: New Zealand, Africa (specifically Victoria Falls), Zanzibar, Brazil, Croatia, Iceland, Ukraine, India . . . it is endless really!)

- decorating our place . . . slow + steady . . . :)

- researching raw foods, natural beauty + the power of foods for healing

- meditating, breathing, just being

- helping in any capacity that I can

- fresh white bed sheets + LOTS of pillows

- simply being there for others + listening

- buying small gifts for people

- obvious, but . . . cuddling, kissing, falling asleep next to the man of my dreams

- exploring, discovering my surroundings and myself

- do homedmade beauty treatments - i.e. my honey mask !

- wearing meaningful jewelry I've received as gifts. I truly don't wear anything that doesn't have a meaning to me! I find jewelry really personal & meaningful to me. Especially my mothers charm bracelet + engagement ring - which I never wear!! But it holds such a special, special, special place in my heart.

- going to live music shows!

- visiting art galleries, museums when I get the chance

- Live basketball games - Go Raptors

- Eating good organic food with friends

- DANCING! I might appear to be a grandma, and YES i do have grandma tendencies BUT I love, love, love going out to dance & Have F U N !

- Rising with the sun - 6am is my sweet spot

- making homemade seed + nut mylks

- our new thing - fasting one day a week! Read ALL about it HERE

- listening to music

-vegan potlucks

- hiking + camping when the opportunity presents itself

- cleaning! Yes I love to clean.

- duo hot showers ;)

- watching documentaries + movies in bed

- lingerie wearing + buying

- my crystals - especially my rose quartz which I've carried with me everyday for over 3 years!

- coconut oil - I use this for EVERYTHING! Body, hair, cooking, baking . . . it's a miracle oil

-superfoods! Adding those things to everything

- facials + spas - when I can afford them!!! A little pampering here and there is good for the s o u l

I could go on! But when I think of these small things they make me HAPPY! When you infuse the 'everyday' with things that you LOVE everyday is a vacation + love filled day.

My Life Motto: Be The Change. I'm only o n e person, but when I live by what I believe then that will send ripple effect outward, and soon it will be tidal waves.

What makes you happy? What do you love doing?


love & light