LOVE this table set up + fixture. We have the table, now those chairs are dreamsville. 

I adore a good hat, especially in the summer. I'm not a huge Mr. Sun lover. He actually makes me way too sweaty, anxious and nauseated :) 

AH refreshing, honest, truthful, and I can definitely SEE myself in her words

My newest mindbodygreen article, and my other two HERE

Need you. 

50 Summer Salads. Dig in

Daily uniform. Summer, winter. Rain or shine. At the core of my being, and heart, I'm very, very, very simple. 

HOLY YUM. Making these

Par Femme. You're welcome ladies, and men on the receiving end. 

For all you mama's to be out there.  

Top 5 Beaches in Toronto. Sometimes I forget I live here and are so close to beaches, because I'm so ingrained, obsessed and passionate about my work, and growing. I will be the first to admit I don't take enough breaks - which I know is needed + healthy for my progress. Noted :) I'm working on it... 


Female Founder Series - I love this series so much, as it's so inspiring to see other woman grow, succeed and work hard in life! Seeing passionate females take on the world to share their gifts lights me up. Last weeks was super special. You can have a read HERE. 

I believe in organic food whole heartedly. I know it's expensive, which is why it's so important for me to share how to shop organic on a budget. On Monday I shared some of my top tips for how I navigate the markets + shops with a budget. 

My eBook also goes into much more depth regarding the importance of eating organic in todays world + what I eat organic, and why. You can have a little peek at my book HERE. 

Enjoy the rest of your week beauties!

Lisa xx