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To love yourself right now, just as you are, is to give yourself heaven. Don't wait until you die. If you wait, you die now. If you love, you live now. Alan Cohen

THE week of love. I'm feeling very heart-centric. I live every. single. day from my heart + soul and don't need one day to express it. BUT with all of the extra hearts, flowers + loooove going around I feel EXTRA love filled around the month of love.

With that being said, I ALWAYS feel like their is time for love - I hear too many times that couples + people are TOO busy for each other, dates, intimacy, etc . . . they are T I R E D from their lives and sometimes rather sit in front of the TV and veg than connect, ,heart and soul with N O electronics. TIME shouldn’t be the issue when it comes to love. Of course, we can use life commitments and career dreams as excuses, BUT if you truly want to feel love in your life, you will find the time for it.

I don't necessarily mean the love for a partner, but also to love for the most important person in your life - you. People aren't LOVING themselves enough these days!!! I'm a H U G E advocate for self-love.

To be our best selves to others, it begins with U S. Complete yourself first, love yourself and know who you are - THEN someone can come into your life. As N O one will ever, ever make you feel whole or complete you. Your partner should complement your life, but never should they make you WHOLE. Never. This usually means lots of work on YOURSELF, and it's not easy, and of course it's easier for someone to come into your life so you can sweep old fears, feelings + doubts under the rug. BUT believe me, those things under the rug will eventually surface and manifest in actions / thoughts / feelings in your relationship.

SO today I want you to give yourself some good old-fashioned love this Valentine’s Day (and every other day of the year too) + here are some things to start with //

Breath: Often we are quickly swept into the madness of life and forget to use our breath. So allow yourself two or three minutes each morning to wake up and breathe deeply. Find your breath and use it well! This might seem like such a small step, but it can be transformative. Our society has driven us to be on the goooooo all the time. Our sympathetic nervous system is constantly buzzzzing, so take moments in the day to just c h i l l. It's like an internal HUG to yourself.

Movement: Be active each day and ensure you are in touch with your your body. We all have time to do so, it is simply dependent on your willingness to move. I LOVE TO SWEAT. It detoxifies, cleanses, gives your body an internal massage, heals, allows your lymphatic system to move ( which is VITAL ). Find things that you adore doing & even better get your partner/lover to do it with you !

Food: THIS to me is number one. What we eat is the vehicle for everything else in our lives. If we aren't nourishing ourselves from the inside out, we simply won't operate + function properly - AT ALL. Change the way you think about your food and what is going into your body. Use your food to nourish, not purely as a pit stop to break up the day. Learn what makes your body feel energized, healthy and focused. Allow yourself nourishing treats ( R A W chocolate! ) and feel content with what is going in, instead of battling foods that don’t enrich your life.

Sleep: Waking and feeling refreshed is one of the best things in L I F E. Getting a solid sleep can make your whole day, week, month better. Sleep is a vital force and for people who think you can function on 5 hours, it simply isn't possible. I truly believe it will catch up with you in some form or another. Give yourself time to relax. Give your body time to catch up. If work and life commitments are taking over, then pull back a little and ensure you make time for sleep. TURN off the TV, computers, iphones and leave them OUT OF THE BEDROOM. If you've been married for 1 or 25 years or have been dating for years, I feel like we are SO connected during the day that at night we M U S T unplug.

My practice today and this coming Valentine’s Day will be to rise with the sun and breathe. I’ll move my body to feel energised. I’ll share plenty of warmth and love with those around me. I’ll nourish with good + green foods (and a touch of my favourite raw chocolate), and allow my body to rest as it needs. Because life will always be busy, but we can ALWAYS, ALWAYS make time for love.

love yourself. love others. spread love. be love. embody it to your core. Because life IS love.

love & light my lovers

- xo Lisa