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“Morning is an important time of day, because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have.”

I've always been a morning person. . . well mayyyybe not in my teenage years. BUT for the past 8 years or so I've fallen IN LOVE with the stillness of the early mornings. The light, solitude, quietness...I love it all. Well recently I've made the switch to get up even earlier. I found myself getting a bit stressed in the mornings about fitting everything in, and my oh my has it been glorious. Even 45 minutes to an hour earlier can make a massive difference in your day. I promise.

It does take going to bed earlier, but this works for me. My bath time and reading before bed are moments in the day that I cherish. It's my little piece of heaven. Epsom salts, essential oils, candles, my book. It's a time to reflect, relax and de-compress. Every night.

I've even started journalling in the morning, and it's been bliss. I light a candle, turn on my music (which inspires me so much!) and write out my thoughts, dreams, goals, aspirations, to-dos and my feelings. I then follow through with my morning rituals which are a part of me and NEVER feel laborious - lemon waters, daily green juice, blogging, green tea, exercising, dry body brushing, replying to e-mails and catching up on everything else that needs to get done before my day gets going! AND I LOVE that I can do all of this before 9am some mornings.

Maybe this works for you, or maybe your a night owl and get your work done in the evenings that is COOL too! Check in with yourself and see what works for YOU. But if you feel like you're stressed in the mornings, or aren't able to do things that you WANT to do or start incorporating into your routine then I encourage you to make some changes...and what better time than NOW. Before January 1st hits get yourself into a routine that suits you and your lifestyle.

Your mind, body and soul will thank you.

To get different results, we have to start making shifts in our life. If you keep on doing the same thing, you will get the same outcome. You don't have to do a huge overhaul over night. But make shifts little by little. Maybe it's setting your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier for a week, than 30 minutes earlier the next.... whatever this means to you. Set an intention and stick to it.

For more inspiration: I love this article by FastCompany (one of my favorite magazines!) 9 easy-to-steal habits of the SUPER SUCCESSFUL. Note the first point - Get up insanely early : )

Have a wonderful day beauties.

- Lisa xo