The holiday season is crazy for us all.

I want to bring you back to my 4 health pillars.

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DAILY GREEN JUICE - no exceptions here. I juice on the daily, it's changed my life ! (bold statement, but true)

DRINK MORE WATER - Our body simply needs pure alkaline water to run optimally. I know it's hard in the winter, but it's imperative. Set a liter beside your bed each evening and drink it upon waking!

EXERCISE - This is one of my life forces. No matter how I am feeling, once I get sweating and moving I feel a MILLION times better.

SLEEP - 8 hours is key for me, and if I can get 9 on some nights even better. I'm someone who runs beautifully off of optimal sleep. Once this slides, I can feel it 100%.

I think these 4 things for anyone are SO extremely doable. Sometimes we feel like making changes can mean doing a huge overall, and feeling awful and guilty if you don't do it. But why not focus on ADDING these things to your life, instead of taking out all of the 'bad' things. Crowd them out with the good, and before you know it these will be second nature.

Green Juice, 1 Liter of water, sweat once a day and sleep MORE ! Easy peasy.

Remember we all start somewhere, make small changes daily and you will feel a difference each day. Small steps breed a solid foundation and healthy life.

- Lisa xo

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