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My new favorite drink!

Aloe Vera Water.

I have to be completely honest here, at first I detested it. I bought numerous bottles of Lily of the Valley organic Aloe concentrate and would mix it in my water hoping I could choke it down. I couldn't though. For some reason something about it made me gag just a little bit! Knowing all of its beautiful benefits though I continued over the course of a year to incorporate it into my lifestyle. I tried to do shots, put it into smoothies (which usually ruined the taste!), and attempted to squeeze lemons into it in hoping to neutralize the taste for me.

Others I spoke to though had no problem with it at all! My envy sunk in, not really, but I couldn't understand how they could drink it so calmly and actually think it tasted like nothing. I know this might sound a little dramatic, but I for some reason I had an aversion to it. The only conclusion I can gather is that my bitter taste buds on my tongue are highly active. I find bitterness quite un-palpable, which explains my trouble with dandelion as well.

Long story short, a couple of weeks ago I thought I would try it again in the form of Greenhouses Organic Aloe water, that is mixed with Alkaline water. The first few sips were a bit hard to take in, but I drink it slowly, sipped it and tried not to focus on the taste of it but reminded myself of its incredible benefits (which I outline below!).

SUCCESS. I drank the whole bottle, and continued to have one almost everyday for a week. Now I'm obsessed.

All of the nutrients in aloe vera juice are perfectly balanced in a way that is ideal for the body in terms of healing and repair. Although it is not a miracle cure, it contains enough nutrition to significantly help with healing the body, which is how I managed to continue getting my body and taste buds adjusted to it.

I started to see a difference in my skin, and my digestion definitely improved the week of and the week following.


1. Detox

Aloe vera juice can be a great natural option for detoxing. Because of the way we live including stress, pollution and junk food, we need to occasionally cleanse our systems. Aloe vera juice is an ideal way to do this because it contains many trace elements, vitamins and minerals that can help the body deal with daily stresses and strains.

2. Digestion Promotion

A healthy digestion system is necessary to ensure that we are able to absorb all of the nutrients found in our food. In addition to its natural detoxifying abilities, aloe vera juice can increase protein absorption and improve bowel regularity. It can also reduce the quantity of unfriendly yeast and bacteria found in our gut. Caution: IT can have a laxative effect so don't drink too much!! 3. Immunity Boost

Aloe vera juice contains many antioxidants which fight the free radicals found in our bodies. Free radicals are unstable compounds that are a side-effect of metabolism and contribute the process of aging as well as cause various ailments!

4. Anti-inflammation

This juice has 12 different substances which are able to reduce and prevent inflammation, all without the risk of side-effects. It can even help with swollen, stiff or painful joints. It truly is powerful.

5. Healthy Skin

Aloe vera juice can help repair your collagen and elastin, giving you healthy skin. Our skin replaces itself each 28 days or so and when we have nutritional building blocks from aloe vera, our skin is able to use these nutrients each day to help fight aging. It can also help sooth minor skin irritations, scrapes, cuts and burns (especially sun burns!). I've really noticed a difference in my skin since drinking it regularly.

6. Weight Loss and Energy Regulation

When we drink aloe vera juice, the body can naturally cleanse its digestive system. Because our diets have many parts that can lead to exhaustion or fatigue, having aloe vera regularly can fight this. That means that aloe vera juice will give you a better feeling of well-being, help you keep a body weight that is healthy and happy and even increase energy levels.

7. Vitamin and Mineral Powerhouse

Every day our body needs to ingest several vitamin and minerals and aloe vera juice contains a great deal of these. It includes vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin E, niacin and folic acid. In addition to these, it also contains chromium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, potassium, iron, sodium, calcium and others.

8. Amino Acid Supply

Our body needs 20 different amino acids in order to build protein and it is not able to produce 8 of them itself. Because aloe vera juice contains 7 of these essential amino acids and 19 amino acids in total, it is able to easily fulfill your body’s daily needs! It truly is amazing.

9. Dental Health

Aloe vera juice can also help your gums and mouth. It not only provides natural anti-microbial and anti-bacterial actions but it also contains several vitamins and minerals that promote cell healing and growth. Because of this you will find some tooth gels that contain pure aloe vera, especially to help with mouth ulcers and bleeding gums.

10. Alkalization of the Body

Disease is not able to happen in environments that are alkaline. In general, people will consume foods that are mostly acidic but the ideal is the 80/20 rule which says you should consume 80% of alkaline forming foods and 20% of acidic ones. Because aloe vera juice is one of the alkaline forming foods, it can help alkalize the body and balance out the acidity in our diets.

11. Cardiovascular Health

Some research has shown that when doctors inject aloe vera extract into the blood, it drastically multiplies the diffusion abilities of red blood cells as well as the oxygen transportation. It contains nutrients that can regulate blood pressure, improve blood oxidation and circulation, lower cholesterol and make blood less sticky!

Pretty amazing hey? When I was researching all of the benefits of Aloe juice/water it made each sip that much better! It did take some time to like, but I'm happy that I now love it.

If you haven't given it a try I encourage you to do so. Just make sure you find an aloe water that has 0 sugar added as there are many, many, many on the market that had sugar to it to make it taste better, but stick to the pure stuff.