I hope everyone is having a great first week of 2016! I know there can be a post holiday blues wash over people after all of the excitement of Christmas, New Years and getting a break from the normal routine. I also know that peoples energy can see a bit of a dip do to short, dark days and cold temperatures. It's all fine and good to sip on a organic coffee in the morning, and green tea, but when you are on your third or fourth coffee of the day, and start extending your hand to the cookie jar it's time for a mini intervention.

Today I want to share my top energy boosting tips to give you an extra kick in your step, healthfully. These will also help promote longevity in your energy and they won't leave you with a sugar crash or caffeine palpitations.

Peppermint/mint tea— naturally stimulates the senses to perk you up.

Hot water with 1/2 a lemon — citrus perks you up with its brightness.

Matcha latte with coconut milk— green tea gives a kick of caffeine and it's rich in antioxidants.

Yerba matte— a great natural energy booster and natural powerhouse of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Dried fruit and nuts— dates or goji berries are great for a quickly digested source of natural sugar/energy and walnuts are filled with omega-3s and antioxidants.

Apple or banana with pumpkin seed butter— stabilizes blood sugar and is a quick source of natural sugar/energy, protein and omega-3 healthy fats.

Avocado toast— avocado is rich in omega-3s and super sustaining.

Green Juice - practically a blood transfusion, but using green vegetables.

Also more sleep! I always tell people that along with drinking water, this is my number one health tip.