Healing, blood purifying, nourishing, and moisturizing.. yes please! Both of these elements speak to my doshas (specifically my vata + pitta which I'm most dominant in) 

Skin gym - love my jade roller, this seems like the obvious next step 

I love my hair care ATM - but these are enticing me in a major way, the greener than green ingredients, branding and intoxicating scents...

I've been a lover of this brand for awhile, as I love the french way of life so much, they possess such magnetic energy. I imagine wearing this dress on our Parisian + French honeymoon this summer 

Nude and natural always, unless it's bright red, or super dark red. I stick to classics. This eco + non-toxic polish will be my summer staple 

Always looking for s o l i d vegan protein powders as so many on the market are not that great, this one knocked me out of my socks  when I saw the ingredients - adaptogenic mushrooms & glutamine + high in Vitamin C, unreal 

The name kind of gets me, but the herbs back it up, so I'm in 


Another tea I know, but I have a deep love affair with teas and this one in general. I found it when I was really in the depth of my lyme disease and living back home in Edmonton. It has a special place in my heart, and it really is magical, came across it the other day, so many memories flooded back, so felt compelled to share as it really is a beaut 

Getting these for the summer - also on the (manifestation) list - black healed boots + doc style boots (I totally wear boots in the summer, I always have ;) ) 

THIS, a good reminder for me (and us all) as I go into this next season